Tracy Farquhar, Psychic Medium

Online Intuitive Tarot Class

This online class is designed to help you connect with the tarot in an intuitive way. When you register, you'll have access to a secret Facebook page where you'll find a series of instructional videos, one for each of the 78 cards, plus reading demonstrations and other instructional videos. You can also post questions and access shared information from the group.

Recording of a Channeled Webinar with Frank

The bestselling book From Deep Space with Love: A Conversation about Consciousness, the Universe, and Building a Better World, by Tracy Farquhar and Mike Dooley, is now a paperback with a new title, Channeled Messages from Deep Space: Wisdom for a Changing World. In this book, as well as in Tracy’s first book, Frank Talk, the other-worldly collective known as Frank shares their wit and wisdom about our world and how best to participate in the changes we are going throughOn June 2, Tracy channeled Frank in this live webinar. All participants had the opportunity to ask questions to get Frank's perspective on the state of our world, our trajectory and your own life's path.

You’ll receive a recording of this fascinating channeled event, where Frank responds to questions about our life’s purpose, our role in the shifting world, and how to utilize our own personal energy to best participate in the state of the planet.

Three-Month Reading Package

Your three-month reading package includes:

One 2-hour Inspired Awakenings Session

Two sessions chosen from the following:
1-hour Psychic Reading
1-hour Mediumship Reading
1-hour Spirit Guide Reading
1-hour Spiritual, Psychic Development or Infinite Possibilities Coaching Session

One of your choices must be the two-hour Inspired Awakenings Session. The other two may be chosen from the other 1-hour reading or coaching options. Please schedule one session per month. The price includes one FREE one-hour session for a savings of $125.

After purchasing the package, use the certificate code to schedule your appointments.

Gift Certificate for a One-Hour Psychic, Mediumship or Spirit Guide Reading

Gift Certificate for a One-Hour Psychic, Mediumship or Spirit Guide Reading online or by phone.