Rivers Relaxation


One Hour Float

One Hour Float

Float and Oxygen

Enjoy a one hour float followed by a session on our Oxygen Bar

1 hour float with massage chair and oxygen bar

1 hour float with massage chair and oxygen bar, 260 pound weight limit on massage chair.

Massage Chair

15 minutes on our full body massage chairs. 260 pound weight limit.

15 Minute Oxygen Bar

No time for a full float? Recharge at our oxygen bar!

90 Minute Session Certificate

Enjoy one 90 minute float session

3 Session Float Package

Make relaxation a habit by buying 3 sessions for you to use at your leisure. Keep your code handy when scheduling.

3 90 Minute Sessions

Go beyond the normal and enjoy 3 90 minute float sessions

2 Hour Float Certificate

2 Hours of Floating Bliss!

10 One hour float sessions

Enjoy 10 sessions, you float fanatic!