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Gift Certificate

$ AUD100.00
This gift certificate is redeemable for one 60 minute consultation of either:

Clinical Hypnosis (excluding Quit Smoking)
Holistic Counselling - Follow Up
Crystal Healing
Colour Therapy

Gift Certificate

$ AUD120.00
This gift certificate is redeemable for one x 90 minute consultation of either:

Holistic Counselling - Initial Consultation
Metaphysical Consultation

Gift Certificate - Hypnoenergetics®

$ AUD200.00
Hypnoenergetics®, a regression based therapy, empowers you to self-explore and direct your own healing, using trusted hypnotherapy methods, which are extended out in a weave across the four dimensions of the human condition.

Gift Certificate - Past Life Regression

$ AUD300.00
If you choose to adventure into your past lives, a deep trance state will guide you to connect with your higher wisdom, or immortal essence, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself in your current life.