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Lymphatic Massage Post-op

You will receive 6 (50min) Lymphatic massage sessions. Please make sure you schedule before your surgery, that way you stay on a schedule and get the best results. We recommend to schedule your first lymphatic massage 2-4 days after your surgery, then each session 2-3 days apart.

Most clients get two packages followed by cupping sessions.

Massage (Gift Certificate) 60mins

60 Min Massage in office

* 20% Gratuity Included

Monthly Maintenance Subscription

per month
This is a monthly Bodywork Session of 90mins will give your body the time it needs to work out the kinks and be able to relax. We’ll push out the stress your body holds and help you keep your peace!

Aromatherapy & Cupping are included upon request.
You are here to live your best life!

Massage (Gift Certificate) 90mins

90 Min Massage in office

*20% Gratuity Included