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Peaceful Heart and Mind Package

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Please visit the Peaceful Heart and Mind Package page to learn more about this package:

Do you often find yourself feeling angry, frustrated, fearful or overwhelmed? Are you having a hard time moving beyond the stress caused by daily life or a specific event?

You are not alone, and there is an answer. It breaks my heart to see so many people thrown into chaos by the swirling effects of negative emotions and stress. I therefore created a special package designed to set you free by restoring peace and hope to your mind and heart.

Each tool and session included in the Peaceful Heart and Mind Package focuses on empowering you to not allow "triggers" in your life to create anxiety, stress, fear, frustration, or any other emotion that steals your peace.

Dr. Pamela has over 25 years of experience helping set people free from the emotional scars and spiritual wounds that are keeping them trapped and stuck in a bondage of anxiety.

The Peaceful Heart and Mind Package includes the following:

3 Emotional Release Sessions specifically focused on relieving anxiety and restoring peace. The sessions in this package are ten minutes longer than Dr. Pamela's standard emotional release sessions.

Dr. Pamela's Anthology of Hope - a collection of over 100 positive affirmations and verses focused on restoring peace. Dr. Pamela personally compiled and/or wrote each item included in this anthology.

Exclusive Video Training on the Trinity of Peace Method - Dr. Pamela's Trinity of Peace Method is a prayerful meditation process created by Dr. Pamela. It enables you to identify and release the emotional and spiritual wounds that are holding you back. Part of the process includes relying on God (or your higher power of choice) to heal the wounds and set you free. Dr. Pamela has never shared this training before and is not offering it to anyone else.

The items included in this package have a value of over $423, but you can purchase the Peaceful Mind and Heart Package for a short time for the special price of $299. You save $124! This special price will not last past the end of 2016. Please act quickly!