Beauty+The Barber...beyond the techniques

Let's go beyond the techniques to find a "fresh perspective" with which to up-level your success; leave your clients and competition wondering how you do it; and ultimately increase your bottom-line by transforming your business into an experience.

Let Your Clients Feel Happy!

This is a true, LIVE (not evergreen), mastermind as defined by Forbes: "A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others."

But, I do different so I refer to it as a collective. This collective blends businesses virtually and is geared to help stylists. barbers, estheticians, and others in the personal care space punch it to the next level and come out with a bang (no pun intended).

Join us to learn why it's so important to know your client's journey; create a one-of-a-kind blueprint with strategies developed with your specific clients in mind; implement stand-out Customer Experiences (CX) to INCREASE your VISIBILITY, and GROW your BOTTOM-LINE.

Get From Where You Are...To Where You Want To Be!
If you are a business owner and playing the same game as everyone else, you are playing it small. You need to provide an unforgettable, next-level, client experience with a “WOW” factor.

We want you to become the game-changer you know you are. ​

It's been said that if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to join a mastermind/forum/collective, etc., you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.

If you need more reasons to join the Beauty & The Barber collective:

- Grow in all aspects of your life and career
- Everyone in the collective is unique in skill, experience, and connections
- Get feedback on issues impacting your business; members of the group turn into business advisors of sorts and vice-versa
- Allows you to test ideas and get feedback from trusted advisors before you act
- Take time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be
- Stretch beyond your boundaries...widen your viewpoint on what really matters to you
- Build your network by connecting with other business professionals and resources
- The collective is collaborative, to achieve more together
- Be supported by leadership team & facilitators
- Develop a network of trusted advisors
- Can lead to exponential business growth.

(Become a founding member prior to Feb 15, 2021 and receive:)
- Six Fresh Perspective virtual sessions per year via SKYPE/ZOOM/etc. (held every other month)
- Four hours per session
- Sessions are structured to maximize the time together and will be recorded so you can review things we had discussed
- Beginners meet next day to consult a Carrie+Co. facilitator to set goals and objectives for upcoming quarter (2 hours)
- Peer coaching in a small group of other business professionals via private Facebook Group
- Support and facilitation in a confidential setting
- Resources and strategies for your success and fulfillment
- Occasional guest speakers via Facebook Live on relevant subjects
- Annual Summit
for ALL collective members currently scheduled to be held virtually in December

Founding Member Bonus
- Six one-on-one Fresh Perspective follow-up calls per year via SKYPE/ZOOM/etc. with a Carrie+Co. facilitator
- 30 minutes each during non-virtual session month to maximize implementation success

*NOTE: If you purchase your Mastermind after the current month's event, you will automatically begin your program the following month. (i.e., you purchase on March 15 - you will be included in the April 12 event). Track dates are below for reference.

TRACK A Dates:
March 8
May 10
July 12
September 13
November 8
January 10

TRACK B Dates:
April 12
June 14
August 9
October 11
December 13
February 14