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Dedicated Furnished Office Member

$25.00 initial setup plus $475.00 per month
Dedicated Office A fully enclosed, lockable office space. Your company can add on more offices as you grow. This plan includes access to our Member Network events and services, 24/7 access as well as monthly discounts and/or credits for reserving workspaces and conference rooms that correlate with your office size (minimum of 10 credits for a 1 person office). $425 per month unfurnished, $475 furnished. Please contact the Community Manager at 903.357.5290 if you are interested in this plan.

Coworking Member

$25.00 initial setup plus $225.00 per month
Coworking members have access to the workspace during open hours and may schedule up to 5 hours per month of reserved space. $225 per month recurring until cancelled.
Reserved hours do not roll over. Non-refundable. Non-transferable.
Book your meeting space by selecting room online and entering your code (provided upon purchase of the membership) or by contacting the Community Manager 903.357.5290.
* Subscription or gift certificate may be purchased for another person or company.

Dedicated Desk Member

$25.00 initial setup plus $275.00 per month
Your Dedicated Desk (with storage) at Ideation Station, LLC in a workspace with two other hot desk coworkers. Storage is unsecured, but we have ideas about that. Monthly subscription. Days/hours used do not roll over month to month. Member will receive up to 5 hours per month shared conference room or meeting space for up to a half day each month on a first come first serve basis by booking the space with the code provided. Credited hours do not roll over from month to month.
Book your meeting space by selecting room online and entering your code (provided upon purchase of the membership) or by contacting the Community Manager 903.357.5290.

Program Member

$25.00 initial setup plus $125.00 per month
Program members offer 1-4 hour programs at Ideations Station in one of our meeting rooms and have access to book up to 1200 hours each month using a generated code (as described below) to book events. Each subsequent month payment will be processed on the same date and then the member can create future events online.

Alternatively, please contact the community manager and request invoicing and scheduling. Your payment will be due on or before the next period.

When you purchase a package you will:

1. Purchase this package..
2. Be given a randomly generated code, shown on the webpage and emailed to you
3. Use that code to redeem immediately using quick link provided, or redeem it over time. When you redeem your code it will deduct appointments booked from the balance of your package.

General Membership and Local Address

$10.00 initial setup plus $50.00 per month
General Ideation Station Membership with One Day Pass per month to the general coworking space. For local businesses only, this becomes your business address. Reduced rates on additional coworking and conference room usage. One whole day only. Appointments do not roll over. Additional hours will be billed separately at with a 15% discount. Book your additional hours or conference rooms online and we will adjust the invoice.

Cultural Arts Member

per month
Collaboration Station, Gallery Off the Square, Sherman Off the Square and Poetry Jams are brands for collaborative projects by members and supporters of Ideation Station LLC, a coworking, community and cultural arts center in downtown Sherman, Texas.

Members will attend any Ideation Station LLC sponsored Collaboration Station Branded programs, workshops and events on-site at no charge. In addition, Cultural Arts Members can opt into one day in the Coworking Makerspace by appointment.

We are committed to advocating for the Cultural Arts as a significant economic opportunity and income generator for Greater Texoma and for Sherman in particular. By contributing to us, you help fund early stage and emerging artists use our space and work products, and in return can enjoy exclusive access to art, music, beats, poetry, photography, performance arts and other cultural arts created in Texoma as it develops.

What you will find here?

You will find visual art, photography, poetry in written and spoken form, spoken word videos, music videos, beats and other recordings, podcast interviews and other presentations of members and collaborators work.

How do the artists get paid?

Members pay us membership fees to have access to our space. Any work that is presented here is curated and provided by Ideation Station LLC. When the contributions of supporters reaches benchmark levels of $500 per month and $1,000 per month, we will be able to sponsor 1 to 4 new and emerging artists for a period until they are producing enough income to pay their own way. Our objective is to incubate and present them to our supporters in early stages so they can earn their own support and develop a direct income stream because of our community's collective support.

We are donating our in-kind contributions, time and energy in developing the tools, the website, the online catalog, producing the books, strategy, etc., to generate the revenue that helps them launch. Your support helps defray the cost of their portion of the overhead - utilities, insurance, etc. We also collaborate with other Galleries, providers of workshops and classes, non-profit arts and other organizations and provide them alliance and other marketing and business support.

Thank you for your support. Contact us directly to discuss becoming a member or other ways to support the cultural arts in Texoma. We have several major projects:

Biblio Baba Yaga - small press of handmade art books, chap books, literary arts
Gallery Off the Square - online and retail gallery and artists study groups and workshops
Poetry Jams - spoken word study groups and workshops
Collaboration Station - Cultural Arts Programs, Books and Workshops
Sherman Off the Square - promoting and publicizing local and small business across Greater Texoma

Thank you for contributing to our work. Your contribution will help us develop the artists voice and our publishing venture. Join us on our journey as we begin to develop, make and distribute hand made books of poetry, art, and multi-media experiences.

For several years now, we’ve been publicizing and spreading the good news about all the things to do, experience and enjoy with our friends and neighbors and keep those dollars circulating in our community. Let’s just say we are upping the game and you can be part of it.