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Kitchen Coaching package

Achieving success with our health goals is not just about knowing ‘what’ we need to do, but ‘how’ to implement the changes. Our new Kitchen Coaching session aims to prevent the overwhelm that comes with making dietary changes. Our Naturopath + Wholefood Chef, Susan will support you in achieving the goals you have set and develop a simple plan to create confidence and success in the kitchen.

What's included
>> 3 x 1:1 Skype consultation where you will discuss your goals, dietary patterns, likes/dislikes, and answer any questions you have.
>> A simple plan for implementing nutritious and delicious meals the whole family can enjoy
>> Meal planning tips tailored to your nutritional needs, health goals, time and budget.
>> Wholefood cooking education - based on your current cooking level and food knowledge
>> Tips on preventing overwhelm and troubleshooting past challenges

MetaBiome Testing

The MetaBiome test gives us valuable insights into your gut health. MetaBiome is a comprehensive gut microbiome test which provides a comprehensive picture of the microbes in the gut and their functional potential. MetaBiome provides insight into the spectrum of microbes living in the gut AND their potential activity.

By measuring the diversity and potential to produce specific gut metabolites we can gain an understanding of your unique microbiome and how it may be affecting your health. Diet and lifestyle, as well as nutritional and herbal ingredients can modulate microbiome composition and function. Therefore, MetaBiome analysis helps us to personalise your treatment plan and monitor the health of your microbiome.

MetaBiome Package includes

>> Metabiome Test Kit posted to you
>> Metabiome stool test
>> Metabiome consult to discuss your results and provide recommendations to improve your Microbiome and overall health.