Prerecorded Packages

Healing Hyper-Independance

4 Week healing package
Week 1 Depending on others
Week 2 Asking for help
Week 3 Doing it all yourself
Week 4 Trusting help will come

Healing Your Shadow Self-COMING OCT 1

Your shadow self is made up of all the pieces of you that you've rejected or hidden. Healing your shadow self will allow you to thrive with clarity and authenticity by integrating and accepting those hidden pieces. Your shadow self holds the keys to what often turns into your greatest strengths. This program will take you on a 6 week journey of healing and discovery. Product release date is Oct 1. Save 50% when you preorder. October 1 the price increases to $199

Prerecorded Healing Bundle

Get all 3 Prerecorded Programs
Releasing your inner People Pleaser
Healing hyper-independance
Returning to your authentic self

Releasing Your Inner People Pleaser

3 week healing package.
Week 1 Being enough
Week 2 Being your authentic self
Week 3 Setting boundaries

Returning to Your Authentic Self

6 Week healing program
Week 1 You're lovable
Week 2 Happiness
Week 3 What do you fear
Week 4 What gets you excited
Week 5 You are safe
Week 6 Feeling like yourself

VIP Healing Package

1 Month Take Back Your Life Healing Package

You know things can change fast & YOU'RE READY!
4 weeks of intense support & guidance to help you move past the bullshit & into the life you really want to be living.

4- 60 minute weekly calls
4- 30 minute weekly calls
5 week’s messenger support

3 Month Next Level Shift Healing Package

You are ready for things to change. You know you deserve more and you're going to dig deep & get out of your own way to make those things happen. You're over feeling like something's missing (that something is YOU).

It's time you create a life you want. Get rid of the shoulds, the feeling guilty, and the expectations that aren't coming from you.
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What’s included
• 12 weekly -60 minute calls
• 3- 30 minute calls
• 13 weeks of unlimited virtual support

6 month Unapologetically YOU

You know you want a life that makes your heart want to jump out of your chest, but how can you build that when you don't know what's you & what's everybody else? You've already created a life based on everybody else & you're not doing that again.

This time it's all about YOU! Getting what you want & doing it your way.

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What's included...
• 24 Weekly -60 minute calls
• 6-30 minute calls
• 24 Weeks of unlimited virtual support