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Healing Programs

All of YOU Bundle

Everything you want to know about you in one place. 12 weeks focused on healing & rediscovering all the things that make you YOU. This bundle includes 2 of my most popular programs. Returning to Your Authentic Self & Healing Your Shadow Self. No more hiding pieces of yourself that feel like they're not good enough or wondering if the things you want are you or just something else you've talked yourself into. You get lifetime access & free access to any future updates and bonuses

Trauma Response Healing Bundle

You wish you only had one trauma response. You don't. They overlap and support each other to protect you. You're tired of doing it all yourself & feeling guilty when you try to say no to anything. On top of that you've spent so much time trying to be what everyone else wants that you're not sure who you are anymore. It's time to let them go. When you bundle all 3 you get 13 weeks of healing that you can pace out to fit your schedule. Plus you get access to any future bonuses and upgrades.

Ultimate Healing Bundle

Get all my healing programs & save $200

Releasing Your Inner People Pleaser

You’re ready to stop putting yourself last and set some boundaries.

Maybe you’re not usually a people pleaser but you have those people you just can't seem to say no to (kids, job, family).

People pleasing is way more about you and very little about them

In 3 weeks you'll release that voice telling you that you aren't enough, shift from self judgement to self love, and begin naturally setting boundaries.

Week 1 Being enough
Week 2 Being your authentic self
Week 3 Setting boundaries

Healing Hyper-Independance

You're tired of doing it all on your own.

Being hyper independent is how you protect yourself. It's also a big part of why you're successful (Healing this doesn't mean you lose the parts of you that created success. It allows you to open yourself up to greater success).

You learned that you can't count on others.

To protect yourself from the disappointment & all the extra work it creates when you depend on someone and they flake on you, you've decided you'll just do it all yourself!

You justify it by convincing yourself it's easier. It's also exhausting & infuriating.

​You don't have to do it all on your own anymore.

​Imagine how much easier things will be when you actually start getting the help you wish you had.

Week 1 Depending on others
Week 2 Asking for help
Week 3 Doing it all yourself
Week 4 Trusting help will come

Returning to Your Authentic Self

There was a time when you KNEW yourself. You knew what you wanted, what you liked, & who you were.

That was before you spent years ignoring yourself so you could be the "acceptable" version of you.

You went after the dream. Got the degree. The job. Dated the guy. Made all the "safe" choices.

Now you're done being someone else.

Just 1 problem... You don't know who you are anymore.

This program will let you reconnect to the real you and learn how to trust yourself again.

​Don't know what you want? You will.

​You'll know everything about you. What makes you happy. What scares you. What it feels like to be the genuine version of you.
Week 1 You're lovable
Week 2 Happiness
Week 3 What do you fear
Week 4 What gets you excited
Week 5 You are safe
Week 6 Feeling like yourself

Healing Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self is made up of all the pieces of you that you've rejected or hidden because you were told they made you unlovable.

Healing your shadow self will allow you to thrive with clarity and authenticity by integrating and accepting those hidden pieces. Your shadow self holds the keys to what often turns into your greatest strengths.

​This program will take you on a 6 week journey of healing and discovery.

By the time you're finished...
You'll be free to feel the emotions you've been avoiding. Have the confidence to share your story. Improve relationships. Embrace your desires. Get comfortable having, making, and spending money. And fully love and accept all of you.
Week 1- Unacceptable Emotions
Week 2- Speaking your truth
Week 3- Sex & relationships
Week 4- Money
Week 5- Shadow traits
​Week 6- Being you