Prerecorded Packages

Healing Hyper-Independance

4 Week healing package
Week 1 Depending on others
Week 2 Asking for help
Week 3 Doing it all yourself
Week 4 Trusting help will come

Prerecorded Healing Bundle

Get all 3 Prerecorded Programs
Releasing your inner People Pleaser
Healing hyper-independance
Returning to your authentic self

Releasing Your Inner People Pleaser

3 week healing package.
Week 1 Being enough
Week 2 Being your authentic self
Week 3 Setting boundaries

Returning to Your Authentic Self

6 Week healing program
Week 1 You're lovable
Week 2 Happiness
Week 3 What do you fear
Week 4 What gets you excited
Week 5 You are safe
Week 6 Feeling like yourself