2-Part Virtual Healthy Makeup Consult + Lesson


In-Person Healthy Makeup Lesson + (Virtual) Brush Up package

This in-depth Private Healthy Makeup Lesson is packaged with a Virtual Brush Up Session to reinforce what you've learned after our initial lesson.

This is truly an investment that you'll benefit from for years to come for skills to create a look that's beautiful for you!

Get clarity & stop wasting time/money on the wrong products.

We'll go through each step together and tailor a plan for your needs.

For the in-person appointment you'll need a 2.5 block of time (it flies!)

After purchasing the package you'll be able to access my private calendar to find a day and time that work best for you.

**Current location availability is Portland, OR**
Can't make it to Portland? You can always book an online lesson above.

Got questions or want to see if I'm coming to your city in the near future? Feel free to email us at info {at} kristenarnett.com

Virtual Skin and Makeup Healthy Beauty Lessons Package

2 virtual appointments with pros, to help you solve your biggest skin and makeup concerns!

The Healthy Makeup Lesson and 6-Part Skin Consult are incredible values with all of the expertise you’re getting in just a couple of sessions.

This combo package saves you $35 compared to if you purchased each Lesson individually.

You’ll have the Healthy Makeup Lesson directly with international, celebrity makeup artist Kristen Arnett.

For the 6-Part Skin Consult you'll be connected with a highly-experienced and in-demand esthetician. *Therefore, sometimes the first appointment time you request may have to be moved. Thanks in advance for your flexibility.

You can schedule your appointments on different days, of course.

The sessions will be via Skype or Facetime from anywhere in the world that works for you.

You just need a webcam and high speed internet connection. Daylight hours in your timezone (so we can see you clearly) are preferable.