3-Part Healthy Makeup Lesson (Virtual)

This 3-Part Virtual Healthy Beauty Lesson is perfect if you don't have adequate products and/or tools to work with (or you want to do a total purge and start fresh with natural cosmetics), and you need help getting un-stuck from a makeup rut, or learning how to apply makeup for the very first time in a way that truly highlights your best features with minimal effort and maximum results.

**Part 1 - The Consult** We'll meet in a virtual room for an in-depth discussion about the best non-toxic products for your skin, style, preferences, your criteria for ingredients, sensitivities, etc.

**Part 2 - Recommendations** I’ll assimilate the consult info, do the research, and generate a shoppable list of recommended products for you.

**Part 3 - Lesson** Once you’ve got all the supplies in hand, we'll go through exactly how to use your new items so you feel clear, comfortable and capable of achieving the desired look.

**Ready?** Start by purchasing this package, then use the code that's emailed to you to book the 30-minute "Virtual Healthy Beauty Consultation" and I'll see you online soon!

You're Being Gifted a Private Virtual "Brush Up" Session with Kristen!

If you've already had a virtual or in-person lesson with Kristen, this supplemental session allows you to go even deeper mastering the techniques and answering any questions that have come up since your initial Healthy Beauty Lesson.

[NOT AVAILABLE] In-Person Healthy Makeup Lesson + (Virtual) Brush Up package

This in-depth Private Healthy Makeup Lesson is packaged with a Virtual Brush Up Session to reinforce what you've learned after our initial lesson.

This is truly an investment that you'll benefit from for years to come for skills to create a look that's beautiful for you!

Get clarity & stop wasting time/money on the wrong products.

We'll go through each step together and tailor a plan for your needs.

For the in-person appointment you'll need a 2.5 block of time (it flies!)

After purchasing the package you'll be able to access my private calendar to find a day and time that work best for you.

**Current location availability is Portland, OR**
Can't make it to Portland? You can always book an online lesson above.

Got questions or want to see if I'm coming to your city in the near future? Feel free to email us at info {at} kristenarnett.com