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The Triple Treat - 60 min palmistry, tarot and Lipsology (lipstick print) reading

Do you love trying new things but love old fashioned card readings too?
The Triple Treat is a sweet hour of three engaging experiences: palmistry, tarot and Lipsology (lipstick print ) readings.
Open up to your superpowers and your unique contributions to the world through palmistry. Lipsology (lip print reading) reveals current feelings and situations and what could be blocking you from success.
The tarot reading provides the most helpful information that the person needs to know for the next three to six months.
Here's what one of my clients had to say!
"Laura focuses on the client experience. She brings insight for self-reflection and clarity. The take-away - she provides personal context that either reinforces decisions already in process or that allows for further vetting of pathways to a better quality of life. In other words, she's the real deal not just entertainment. My fiance's personal reading was money well spent. Thanks Laura, I'll be seeing you again soon, Tiffany already booked my reading with you for tonight !"
-James H, Keller, TX

All About YOU! Tarot & Palmistry Session (60 min) - gift card

Are you interested in metaphysics and mystical experiences? Connect with your subconscious in this hour session and find out what’s next in your future. Palmistry reveals the superpowers in your hand including skills, talents, habits and the way you relate to others and the world. Tarot card readings unveil the most important and helpful information that you should know for the next three to six months. Clients are encouraged to record their sessions.
Session by appointment at Prana Haven, 107 S. McKinney St. Richardson, TX

Lipsology (lip print) Reading (30 min) - gift card

Apply lipstick, kiss a card 2 - 3 times and listen to what your lip prints say about you!
Lipology readings make a great gifts or even a special treat yourself!
Lip prints vary depending on emotional and physical feelings and daily life.  Because these effects are reflected in lip prints, they can be read for up to date information about the person.  Each person’s lip prints have messages about them that are interpreted and shared with the lip print maker.  These messages can help the person see their life more clearly and help others understand them better.

"I felt like you looked into my soul" - Angie - Dallas, TX