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Gift Certificates

Initial Acupuncture Treatment

The initial consult and Acupuncture treatment lasts between 60-90 minutes. Ben Fleisher, your practitioner, takes the time to get to know your health history in some detail before making his assessment and treatment strategy. Ben has been licensed in NYS since 2010 and brings his background in Zero Balancing and Massage Therapy to every treatment.

Massage Therapy Gift Certificate

Ahhhh... there is nothing better than massage therapy... relieve muscles, re-align your body and spirit, deeply relax... whether it's absolutely necessary or a total luxury, therapeutic touch is vital to our well-being.

Each of our therapists does their own bookings and scheduling, so please contact them directly to schedule your session.

Zero Balancing Treatment with Ben Fleisher

Ben Fleisher was certified in this unique modality in 2007 and is delighted to offer it to you and your loved ones. Balancing the energy of the body with the deepest tissues in the body, the bones, Zero Balancing is profoundly relaxing and nourishing.