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Angelic Healing Session Bundle

Save when you purchase 3 sessions!

Heart Healing Transformation

Buy more Heart Healing sessions and save! Get six sessions to use within a three month period. It's recommended to wait at least a week prior to another energy healing session to allow changes to set it.

Spiritual Love and Life Sister Circle

per month
**Introductory Pricing - 2 private coaching sessions, 1 Spiritual Love Reading, plus a bonus - you choose a 30 minute Reiki session or an additional reading, for under $100!

Spiritual Love and Life Sister Circle is an on-going monthly support group for women who are ready to level up in love and life. We will meet twice each month to discuss topics that will help you grow and develop as well as for you to ask questions and get support where you need it most.

Are you ready to Blossom? Join the Spiritual Love and Life Sister Circle if you are ready to let go of your past and start living life from a place of love.

You will also receive intuitive guidance to help you on your path each month and an energy healing session to help clear out energetic blocks that may be keeping you from being your greatest self.

Connect with like-minded sisters in the private Spiritual Love and Life Sister Circle for additional support and accountability.

This group gives you direct access to Jovanhanna, The Spiritual Love Coach who is certified in many areas of coaching, to help you heal your heart and love your life.