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Gift Certificates

$50 Gift Certificate

This gift certificate will allow your friend or family member to purchase up to $50 of readings or healings with Boulder Psychic Institute.

Gift Certificate - Home or Business Healing

Our team of healers facilitates the spiritual mending of your space, so the tone shifts for the better. This means ushering in stronger business (or personal) relationships, wiping the slate clean on a house you’re selling, or simply settling into your new space.

Gift Certificate - Pet Reading

With pet readings and healings, you can start seeing the world from your pet’s perspective, and finally get clear on who’s really the boss of your relationship. (Hint: It’s not actually you, and your cat is stoked.)

Gift Certificate - Soul Essence Reading

With your team of psychics, you’ll discover the broader overview of who you are spiritually, and the different ways it shows up in your life. (And don’t worry — you’ll totally be able to ask specific questions at the end of your session if there’s time.)

Gift Certificate - Clarity & Cleansing Reading

This is an open Q & A format, so you can steer the direction of your reading towards what you need most. Bring your specific questions to explore, and finish the session with an optional healing to clear blocks & limitations.

You’ll hang up the phone feeling lighter, less stressed, and ready for whatever comes next.

Gift Certificate - Trance Medium Healing

Working directly with your spirit-body system, our healers bring you back into balance, guide you towards gaining new perspectives, and plug you directly into your truth. Since these healings are so powerful, they’re game changers that make your next steps step-able.