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Four Weeks to Success

Four weeks to success - Video Call Only

The key to successful training is consistency. It can be all too easy to get off track and fall behind on your goals. With this four-week plan, you'll meet with a trainer via video call twice a week and receive homework assignments that will keep you on track between sessions. Address any training or behavior goal, including puppy stuff (like potty training and basic manners), self control, basic manners, reactivity, and aggression.

Week one:
• 60-minute consultation
• 30-minute check-in

Week two:
• 60-minute check-in
• 30-minute check-in

Week three:
•two 30-minute check-ins

Week four:
• 30-minute check-in
• 60-minute wrap-up session

*Partially used packages are non-refundable*