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Personalized Monthly Astrology Transit report

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Give yourself the personalized gift of astrological wisdom!

Each monthly report is based on your personal chart showing the highs and lows of the upcoming month.

Your transit report subscription includes a $15 gift certificate to be used for any hour service.

When you add this product don't forget please to add your birthday, birthtime and birth city. I will email your report and YOU can start tracking the cosmic energy!

Astrology Time Line Therapy

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Over the three decades of Cassandra’s astrological study and practice she has developed a tool for holistic healing which is powerfully therapeutic.

Called `timeline therapy’ Cassandra culls the various astrology tools—solar returns, progressions, solar arcs and transit charts — to develop a `story of your life’. She also applies Jungian components in this work to help you identify your archetypal patterns which are interconnected with your astrological unfolding.

As a Cornell University trained therapist, Cassandra utilizes traditional counseling tools with spiritual grounding as well.

The work of master astrology– Dane Rudhyar — is the inspiration of this work. You connect with Cassandra monthly, virtually, or in person for 90 minutes, which can be divided into increments of your choosing. ( two 45 minute sessions or 3 30 minutes sessions etc). Our work consists of dream analysis, self-hypnosis, self-shiastsu, journaling , and even healing/massage when appropriate. It's all about developing a conscious interaction with the cosmic energies.

The outcomes include:

1) greater clarity, reduced stress and anxiety
2) a peaceful acceptance of `what is you and what is not you’
3) a stronger alignment to the God of your understanding
4) a deep understanding of your soul’s purpose and the tools and timetable to achieve results.

THREE month plan: $390 (regularly $660)

Options are pre-paid and pre-booked.

The Magic of Love, Light and Enlightenment Excursion

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This is the spiritual cruise of a lifetime! Six spiritual teachers share with you their wisdom aboard the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas for seven days as we make ports of call at Key West Florida, Cozumel Mexico, Belize City, Belize and Puerto Maya Mexico! We will have an opportunity to go ashore to the ancient Mayan Temple...for ritual and healing!

Each of these amazing teachers-- Cassandra Joan Butler, Patricia Bell, Nora Bouvier, Tim Brainard, Janice Dreshman, and Kris Seastedt-- will offer you their wisdom! And throughout your adventure you will enjoy the all-inclusive entertainment and meal package aboard the legendary ship: the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas!

Prices for this opportunity are affordable because we are planning months ahead of time! As of 8/31/17 For SEVEN days at sea... Only $713 inside cabin, and, $803 outside cabin! (double occupancy). Act quickly; the prices WILL go up soon!

You CAN choose optional upgrades with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (such as single occupancy and a drink package) up to a month before we set sail from Tampa Florida on March 11th 2018.

This is your portal to LOCK-IN your reservation for this amazing Spiritual Cruise featuring SIX of your favorite spiritual teachers: myself, Patricia Bell, Timothy Brainard, Nora Bouvier, Janice Dreshman and Kris Seastead! Your $100 non-refundable deposit may be paid here, or, by check made to : Cassandra Butler:
and sent to my mailing address: Cassandra Butler, 1641 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY , 14216

Upon payment of $100 non-refundable teachers fee deposit ,please contact your cruise director Hilde at, (954) 559-4477 to submit your registration, and cc information and cruise preferences!

It's going to be an amazing trip:)!

Written Reports: Natal (Birth) Report

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This report offers a analysis of your birth chart: which is your natal promise! While it is not a substitute for an actual reading of your chart it does offer an outline of your planets ( energies), where they are located in your chart ( houses) , and how they operate in your life ( aspects.) Written clearly and concisely this report offers a supplement to your astrological understanding. Please state your birthdate, birth time if
known, and birth city when ordering via email, or, phone text: 716-812-5766.

Your report will then be mailed to you:)