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The Happy Trio of Written reports!

This collection of reports gets you `grounded' in the language of astrology! You will be able to understand your self on so many levels !

Please add your birthdate-birthtime ( if known) and place of birth ( city) when ordering

1) NATAL REPORT: This report offers a analysis of your birth chart: which is your natal promise! While it is not a substitute for an actual reading of your chart it does offer an outline of your planets ( energies), where they are located in your chart ( houses) , and how they operate in your life ( aspects.) Written clearly and concisely this report offers a supplement to your astrological understanding. Please state your birthdate, birth time if
known, and birth city when ordering.

2) TRANSIT REPORT for the next 30 days: A step -by-step approach to your daily living! You will receive individualized analysis of the transits being made to your personal chart.

3) PROGRESSED CHART REPORT for your year. This report reflects how you are evolving inside. It will explain the way your self of self--- the progressed sun---is interacting with your emotional nature. The path to wholeness starts with the integration of the conscious self with the unconscious self. Beautifully illustrated this report offers inner wisdom.


Gift Certificate for a 60 minute Integrated Reading

This is my premier consult combing astrology, psychic mediumship and tarot for new clients.

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates

Massage Therapy

The recipient of your gift of massage therapy can select from a range of professional modalities designed to help them heal and relax; swedish massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, deep tissue, rehabilitation massage, reflexology ...the WORKS!

Massage Therapy

The recipient of your gift of massage therapy can select from a range of professional modalities designed to help them heal and relax; swedish massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, deep tissue, rehabilitation massage, reflexology ...the WORKS!

This option is for 30 minutes.


Lunar Lights Community

per month
This is your opportunity to get on-time with your life by working WITH the moon!

Each month you'll receive:

1) Videos explaining the 8 phases of the lunar month; New through balsamic, which highlights the major aspects for the month, plus the sabian symbols which create `a theme' for the lunar journey.

2) a PERSONALIZED written transit report

3) a PERSONALIZED astrological calendar

4) a PERSONALIZED download of your astrological transits

5) Please include your birthdata ( birth date, time of Birth and birth place) when you subscribe.

6) a 10% discount towards for any of my services

Thank you!

zoom webinairs

C.I.A. Book: Astro Vision in the 2020's and beyond!

Friends! This is an opportunity for you to get a clearer vision of the incredible decade ahead through the lens of astrology.

As a proud contributor of this work I encourage you to get your own copy of this timely work!

An anthology of articles exploring the astrological landscape of the next decade penned by Cosmic Intelligence Agency’s Agents. A beautifully designed edition, thoughtfully laid out for your reading and viewing pleasure. ASTRO VISION – PART 1 includes articles ranging in scope from the astrological shifts over the coming decade through to an exploration of how astrology influences our world through its philosophical and spiritual impact on personal and collective consciousness.

You may purchase the ebook ANYTIME!.....((( not through me but directly thru the CIA site; $10.00)))

Details here: https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/product/astrovisonebookpart1/

Enhance your psychic Intuition with the Astrology of Dreams!

per month for 2 months ($250.00 total)
Psychic intuition can be enhanced and fine-tuned by working with the archetypal symbols of astrology! And, during this unique course we will also explore the messages of dreams--thru the lens of astrology--as you develop your psychic intuition!

As Carl Jung knew and practiced, dream-work opens our intuitive awareness and can be a pivotal tool towards the goal of individuation, self-awareness and inner balance.

You don't have to `know' astrology, or, even regularly dream to benefit from this course. Just have access to a computer, and, a writing instrument upon awaking to track your dreams.

During this on-line course you will learn the basics of astrology, your intuitive style, and ways to understand your dreams! Three goals in one!

You will:

1) learn your personal dream language ( based upon your birth chart)

2) Learn how to activate the dreaming process....even if you don't regularly dream

3) Learn tried and true psychic development techniques custom designed through understanding YOUR inner psychic matrix

4) Learn and apply the main `dream themes'

5) Learn and understand the 12 monthly messages which arise as we sleep.
( in YOUR personal matrix!)

6) Connect with like-minded friends


You will receive a download of materials ( handouts, calendar, charts) upon registering for the class. We will meet on Monday evenings, through zoom, at 7:00 pm, starting February 24th . Classes are: 2/24, 3/3, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30. Don't be concerned if you need to miss a class or two because you will receive a download of the classes!

Course is $250. with two payments of $125 through credit card made on-line in February and in March.

Save 10% ( $225) if you make full payment via check or cash prior to course start date.

HERE is the zoom link for the first class on Monday 2/24/2020 @ 7:00 pm

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/360138485?pwd=eUVFNTJBZTVyMGtKdklNK3QrWHMvQT09

Text with any questions: 716-812-5766