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Personalized Monthly Astrology Transit report

per month
Give yourself the personalized gift of astrological wisdom!

Each monthly report is based on your personal chart showing the highs and lows of the upcoming month.

Your transit report subscription includes a $15 gift certificate to be used for any hour service.

When you add this product don't forget please to add your birthday, birthtime and birth city. I will email your report and YOU can start tracking the cosmic energy!

Astrology Time Line Therapy

Over the three decades of Cassandra’s astrological study and practice she has developed a tool for holistic healing which is powerfully therapeutic.

Called `timeline therapy’ Cassandra culls the various astrology tools—solar returns, progressions, solar arcs and transit charts — to develop a `story of your life’. She also applies Jungian components in this work to help you identify your archetypal patterns which are interconnected with your astrological unfolding.

As a Cornell University trained therapist, Cassandra utilizes traditional counseling tools with spiritual grounding as well.

The work of master astrology– Dane Rudhyar — is the inspiration of this work. You connect with Cassandra monthly, virtually, or in person for 90 minutes, which can be divided into increments of your choosing. ( two 45 minute sessions or 3 30 minutes sessions etc). Our work consists of dream analysis, self-hypnosis, self-shiastsu, journaling , and even healing/massage when appropriate. It's all about developing a conscious interaction with the cosmic energies.

The outcomes include:

1) greater clarity, reduced stress and anxiety
2) a peaceful acceptance of `what is you and what is not you’
3) a stronger alignment to the God of your understanding
4) a deep understanding of your soul’s purpose and the tools and timetable to achieve results.

THREE month plan: $390 (regularly $660)

Options are pre-paid and pre-booked.

LOVE HOPE & JOY Excursion

Set your sights for the major Capricorn conjunction of 2020....and set sail with your favorite astrologers as we cruise the waters of the western Caribbean.

We cruise out of Fort Lauderdale Florida on January 12th exploring through January 19th 2020. You will savor the celestial show and the exhilarating ports in the Bahamas, Mexico and Honduras...aboard the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas.

Join me and five amazing internationally regarded astrologers on a trip of a lifetime!

We will learn about what this rare conjunction of power planets mean for YOU and the world ...through classes, and fellowship.

You can reserve your spot by :

1) making your $150 deposit here ( paypal or CC) or by

2) check to Cassandra Butler c/o Brain & Spine Center , 1641 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216

3) Be sure to get your deposit in ASAP as prices will be going up!

After making your deposit contact your cruise director, Hilde at K&E Travel at : (561) 961-1963 and select your cabin. Cabins start at around $773. ( incl taxes) double occupancy.

More than a vacation....a wisdom journey!

Written Reports: Natal (Birth) Report

This report offers a analysis of your birth chart: which is your natal promise! While it is not a substitute for an actual reading of your chart it does offer an outline of your planets ( energies), where they are located in your chart ( houses) , and how they operate in your life ( aspects.) Written clearly and concisely this report offers a supplement to your astrological understanding. Please state your birthdate, birth time if
known, and birth city when ordering via email, or, phone text: 716-812-5766.

Your report will then be mailed to you:)