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The Hero Within - The secret nobody is talking about

Are you tired of working more hours or multiple jobs? yet financially you're still not getting anywhere?
In this workshop, I will reveal the secret nobody is talking about. I'll help you see what’s possible for you!

I will introduce you to your hero within and show you How you can use your hobbies, skills, talents, passion, or knowledge and turn your genius zone into a product or service so that you can boost your income and have more time for yourself and enjoy your family without all the stress!

You will be given tools, a formula, and exercises we will do together that will help provide you with clarity. Help you find your genius zone or passion and show you what’s possible and how you can use them to change your life. This journey will take you within to show you that you are your own rescue.
You are the Hero in your life.

You will receive:
* Personalized private support
* A small group of 5-7 people
* Hands-on learning
* Questions answered live (not through a webinar)
* Interactive workshop
You walk away with:
* A list you created of Ideas & choices
* See what's Possible with your list
* See & meet your hero within
* Proof of what you can do
* Options to move forward
* Your next steps
You can retake the workshop anytime it's offered over the next 90 days (contact for coupon code)

* A yearning for change
* Wanting change
* Ready to make the required changes
* Being open to seeing what's possible
* Ready to dig deep within yourself
* Must be coachable
* Participate and share
* Have a how can I attitude
* Spiritually open

Skills you acquire

* The secret nobody is talking about
* How to create an inventory with your experience
* Idea Map (create your business idea map)
* What your genius zone is
* What you can do with your findings
* Where & how you can start

**Special Pricing $197

Regular Price $350 Get $153 OFF

* Additional discount when bundled with “Rescue Me” 8-week class. (before taking this workshop, bundle discount available upon request)