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Golden Star Puppy Program

Golden Star Puppy Socialization 6 Class Package

Puppies who attend well-run socialization classes grow up to be better behaved and more confident. Get your puppy off on the best paw by signing up for socialization classes today! You can start whenever is most convenient for you, and must complete your 6 classes within 90 days. **Please Note*** Our class topics are on a 6 week rotation, so it is best if you do your 6 classes consecutively; however, it is not required.

Puppies from 8-16 weeks are welcome to join.

During this class, your puppy will have the opportunity to interact with other small groups of pups for short periods of time, but much of our time will be spent learning to ignore and be calm around other dogs and people. This will set your puppy up for a lifetime of being calm and confident around others, instead of wanting to say hello to every dog or person. Significant time will be spent on the topic of proper socialization.

This package includes 6 classes, a puppy training pack, a puppy sized kong, a clicker, a puppy socialization booklet and checklist, and unlimited email support during the duration of your class.

This class will be taught by Angela Bata.

Once you complete your purchase, you still need to schedule your classes! Please see the confirmation email for more details.

When your 6 classes are used up, you are welcome to keep attending puppy classes until your puppy is around 5 months old. Each additional class can be purchased at a discounted price of $10 per class. Please go to the following link to purchase additional classes: and add the code: $10PUPPY to the black box at the top. This will reduce the price to $10.