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My own healing journey into the heart of Lyme disease is full of adventure, inspiration, and new perspectives to help you heal what ails you. This book is for anyone struggling in life, needing to break free from old thoughts, wounds, and conditions that keep you from living your best self. It is dedicated to all the Lyme warriors out there who are too sick to have a voice. Dive into a journey where miracles, synchronicity, and blessings will astound you.

Healing Sessions

Gift for you! A session with Sahara!

Give the gift that can make some major change in someone's life. This gift certificate applies to Maui or Online for a two-hour session.
Two-hour sessions are required for a new patient.

Online Sessions Subscription

$10.00 initial setup plus $250.00 per month for 6 months ($1510.00 total)
Ready to work with Sahara, but need some financial support to do so? With the payment plan, you can receive a total of 720 minutes of sessions. This means sessions any combination of
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

So, to break it down, you could get:
12, 60 minute sessions
8, 90 minute sessions
6, 120 miinute sessions

Or any combination that totals 720 minutes.

Or any combination that ends up totally 720 minutes worth of hours with Sahara.

You have six months to use your sessions whenever you'd like.

The payment plan allows you to pay

Payment Plan for a Single Session

$10.00 initial setup plus $88.00 per month for 3 months ($274.00 total)
Needing a session with Sahara and need a little help paying? This payment plan allows you to schedule for a Two-Hour Session with Sahara and make payments over the course of three months. This is applicable for ONLINE and IN PERSON sessions.

Check out the subscription plan for multiple sessions too!