Anna L. De Salvo


The “I don’t have enough hours” mama

This is for you if...
-You don’t have the hours
-You need support to get out of overwhelm
-You need at least one more hour a day for "me-time" or do what you want to do.

You will:
-Regain an hour or more per day
-Feel supported to overcome your personal obstacles
-Feel less overwhelmed

What you get:
1 - 20-minute strategy sessions to identify your overwhelm
2 - 30-minute solution sessions to decide on to-do lists, delegate and do
1 - follow up digital plan, and tangible tool


If only I could get the...done...

This is for you if...
-You struggle to get the...laundry done, dishes done or dinner on the table.
-You know what you need to do just need to do it.
-You feel frustrated that no one helps out.

What you can expect
-A clear plan for your home to keep things running smoothly with or without you.
-Feeling relieved that the house duties are done without stress
-Spending less time on tasks in the house (and doing what you secretly want to be doing)
-Getting the help you need without losing it on the fam.

What you get:
-1 20-minute strategy session
-1 60-minute solution session
-1 20-minute SOS call to be redeemed as needed
-1 week of email support to actually implement

I know what to do but I need support

This is for you if...
-You try to implement changes, but you always end up frustrated
-You struggle with being a mom and doing what you are really called to do.
-You are overwhelmed with the process of change and need support.

You will...
-Feel empowered to make changes in your life by knowing what to do and how to do it.
-Understand how to focus on what you want to do while also showing up to be a mom.
-Feel less overwhelmed, less guilt and more supported.

-1 30-minute strategy session to uncover areas of attention
-6 60-minute solution sessions to troubleshoot "what if's..."
-1 30-minute SOS call to use as needed.
-6 follow-up digital plans so you can create change with ease
-6 weeks of email support for accountability

Spend time doing what you really want

This is for you if...
-You feel like have the space you aren’t sure what to do with it.
-Sometimes you work longer, or find more to do just to fill the time!
-You want to be more than a mom and still fulfill your ambition.

You will:
-Create your personal plan for using your new space and still get ish done
-Find ease while still moving forward.
-Develop your sense of self outside of motherhood and your profession.

What you get:
-1 - 30-minute strategy session.
-12 - 60-minute solution sessions with deep dive for implementation.
-1 - 30-minute sos session to use as needed
-12 - Weekly written prompts to create a life of ease & productivity.
-12 - Weeks of voice messaging supports voice messaging with 24-hour turnaround.