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Unlimited Classes Monthly Online Membership Subscription

per month
Sign up to your unlimited membership and then book your classes. Don't try to book your classes first - you'll be charged £100 per class! Your membership will renew automatically each month unless you cancel.
Unlimited membership gives you unlimited access to all our interactive online classes (via Zoom) where we'll be covering everything from specific sessions just for children to keeping your dog mentally occupied during these periods of reduced outdoor activities. Puppy / Beginner sessions will run at least once a week.
From the comfort of your own home learn new skills (like being able to happily trim your dog's nails) as well as having fun solving challenges or engaging in a bit of Lockdown Parkour or Garden Hoopers. We'll be offering at least 15 different sessions a week, with something on every day, and there will always be at least one of the Developing Dogs team who will be leading the class, able to see what you're doing (and vice versa) and giving feedback.

Sign up now, and be one of the first 10 people to qualify for 15% discount on your first month of unlimited classes membership using the code FIRSTONLINE.