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3 sessions of spiritual cleansing for love/success/anti-witchcraft

Spiritual cleansing for -
Love, Against witchcraft and success. Individual sessions for same is for $150 each

5 prepared candles for success and road opening

This candle helps with opening roads for health, wealth and success. It is prepared with special herbs, oils and intentions. Customized for individual clients.Shipping charges would be $25.

5 Prepared candles for Love

Candle magic is intention based and I prepare candles with special herbs, oils and spiritual prayers. Candles can be burnt at my altar and shipping cost of $25 is included.
Candles should be done in sets of 5, 9 or 11 for best results.

Four 1 hour tarot card readings

This is the one the best package for the regular clients. Each reading comprises of-
Tarot reading, Palm reading, Numerology reading, Chakra assessment & Aura cleansing

Four 30 minute sessions

4 tarot and numerology sessions that are each 30 min long can be used in 2 month time frame.

Palm reading

15 min palm reading session.