Sanctuary Leopi

A Gift-Ortho-bionomy post birth -1 and half hour treatment

Welcome and congratulations.

This is a gift for the new mother who has gone through the journey of birth. Whether her birth was a natural vaginal birth or a c-section birth, her birth story in her body matters.

Berkeley Office

Located on Adeline Street across the street from the Berkeley Bowl, Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga is in the heart of the burgeoning South Berkeley Commercial district, four blocks away from the Ashby BART station.
2800 Adeline Street, Berkeley CA 94703

Vallejo office

732 Virginia Street, 94590

The house is white with aqua porches and a red door and white picket fence. Come up the stairs and walk right in.

Please fill out or download your intake form and bring this with you (if this is you first visit.)

Please also read "what to expect" below.

Ortho-bionomy helps a new mother to release her nervous system, realign tissue fascia and bones, release pain, trauma, and process her birth story through her body.
It is a gentle and non- invasive way of coming back into your body with deep listening and ease.

A Gift~Ortho-Bionomy for Pregnant Mamas- 60 minutes for repeat clients only

Hello and Welcome to the Sanctuary!
1 repeat Ortho-Bionomy treatment has been gifted to you, towards your well being and alignment.
Ortho is for the relief of pregnancy shifts and changes, and pregnancy related aches and pains. Most of all helping you to simply enjoy being in your growing pregnant body and feeling balanced and at ease!

A Gift- Ortho-bionomy for 90 minutes

Hello and Welcome!
you have received a gift towards your well-being and alignment.
You have received a one and a half hour Ortho-Bionomy treatment with Leopi.

A gift~Pre-Birth or Post birth Ortho-Bionomy Session - 90 minutes

Welcome to the Sanctuary!
You have received a gift towards your well~being and alignment. You have a one and half hour treatment with Leopi. This will be a pre-birth session for alignment of mama and baby. (the space of, 37-42 weeks of your pregnancy time)

Ortho-Bionomy is a somatic and structural Body awareness experience ~ for preparation for labor and Birth (38-41 weeks) with body therapist and a midwife.

You may read more about me at sanctuaryleopi.com
Please book your appointment there and please fill out an intake form when you are booking.

A Gift-Home Post Birth Visit for Parent and Baby


A time for deep unwinding and release to reset your first days of parenthood.

This is a Home Post Birth Visit for Mama and baby alignment

2.5-3 hours total

I will give you a Moxa treatment for calming, warming and nourishing your body and nervous system.

30- 45 minutes

One hour Ortho-bionomy treatment- alignment and release of tension, pain and nervous system.

45 minutes -1 hour for baby calming nervous system and unwinding, birth trauma, latching issues,

Midwife time ~ to process your unique story, ask questions about post birth support,

We will need other parent or grandparent or helper to hold baby while mama gets to have a deeply nourishing and undisturbed treatment as much as possible! except for breastfeeding spells~ This is a mini retreat spa day towards healing.

Be sure to eat and breastfeed before my arrival.

This package is dependent on your location. Please call or text with your location.

A 3.5 hour Pre Birth Intensive


Only offered at the Vallejo home studio~ the sanctuary.

A 3.5 hour session which should be done between 35-38 weeks . This session is very unique because I will be combining the practical wisdom of midwifery with somatic and structural body therapy. This class is for all new to experienced parents.

This combination is a very potent perspective and will bring a simple but powerful approach to your birth journey. This is a session to experience your structure and your amazing body intelligence, as well as, to gain simple practical guidelines for you and your partner's birth journey. Through your body, and our conversations and my teaching, you will feel more confident about the mystery of birth. You will learn how to resource your deepest state of relaxation for natural child birth, tune in and tune up for labor preparation and ease your birth journey!

3.5 $340. cash

New Mexico Los Cerrillos

For partnerships! Spa DAY! a 3 hour Ortho-Bionomy session at the Sanctuary in Cerrilos

At the Sanctuary only!
3 hours.

This is for relationship resetting and unwinding and centering for both of you. This is for you and your beloved to come for re-connection to yourself and to one another, purely through embodiment and renewal of self awareness and simply awareness to all that is most important.