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Fabulous Year Ahead Personal Reading

A Road Map for Right Turns

In a time of great calamity, knowing how to wisely navigate the terrain of your life is essential. You can take a path of effortless green lights, grace-filled right turns and high speed flow if you know what obstacles and detours to avoid and what best directions to take. In this 90 minute session we will explore the power of divine timing to help you make the best of the turning point choices in the year ahead. The goal is simple: Who would you be if you followed the path of your highest destiny, especially when it seems the collective sky in falling? Or as poet Mary Oliver wrote, "Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Timing techniques include: progressed lunar phase, Hellenistic time lord techniques such as distributions through the bounds, zodiacal releasing, and profections, plus solar arc, solar return and secondary progressions, and transits.

The Birthday Reading

Ancient astrologers recognized that each birthday, as the sun returns to its exact position by degree that it occupied at the time of your brith, a chart can be cast that is an astoundingly accurate map of your year ahead themes and events. Called a solar return, or solar revolution, this chart can literally provide detailed guidance for each of the 12 months ahead, with clear suggestions of where success is most likely to happen, and where challenges are also indicated along with effective solutions. Techniques include time lord analysis, comparison to natal chart potentialities, annual and monthly profections, solar arc directions. This 60 minute reading can be ordered both as a live session for yourself or as a pre-recorded gift for a friend.

The Magic You Are Born For

Discover the True You
Astrology readings are divine treasure maps. In this 90-minute treasure hunt we will explore the hidden talents and nuggets of pure soul gold mapped out in the natal chart. The value of this exploration is often found in the recognition of not only the potentials, but also self-defeating personality habits that a chart reveals -- along with the code to freedom from these old patterns that are usually karmic. Most clients leave this session feeling as if they have for the first time been given a road map of their highest potential and a deep and clear understanding of their life mission.

Techniques used include: planetary aspects and patterns, lunar phase at birth, prominent fixed stars, the asteroids and centaurs, Sabian and Chandra degree symbols and tools that address the soul's intention and karmic patterns

Lunatic Astrology PRE-RECORDED Readings

The Burning Question Reading

Using the ancient Hellenistic astrology technique of horary divination, this fifteen minute PRE-RECORDED reading addresses one question asked as a yes or not outcome. In addition to casting a horary chart, I will be using a tarot technique that I have harnessed in my own life over the last three decades in making crucial decisions and forecasting outcomes. Questions must be asked in one sentence, framed as a yes or no outcome. Example: Will I get this new job? Does she like me? Is this surgery the right choice right now? Etc. This is NOT an in-person session, as is priced accordingly. You will receive a pre-recorded video and audio download link from me within 72 hours of payment. PLEASE ENTER DAY-MONTH-YEAR-TIME and PLACE of BIRTH in form field when booking.

Mars in Aries: Your Bountiful Change Warrior

The last time Mars spent 6 months in Aries was the dynamic last half of 1988, which brought the collective peaks of peace (the end of the Iraq war, the start of Peristroika) and a cascade of military flash-points, earthquakes, riots and accidents.

This rendition that begins June 27th brings a radically new disposition to the world as Mars squares the intense Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter trio in Capricorn, calling for radical, rebellious and heroic life changes for each of us. What is stuck or blocked in. your life will be met by the warrior planet best known for his ability to help you break ties, cut away dead wood and take bold initiative and action in the direction of your life's most noble calling.

The hero's journey tale of the next transformative six months is as unique as your natal chart -- depending on the disposition (house, sign, dignity, aspects) of Mars at the time of your birth, and depending on time lords active in your life now, this reading can look like an invitation to ride a magic stallion of passionate focus and drive, or it might be a more mellow slow burn of radical re-direction. Either way, the last half of 2020 will be a game-changer in some key area of your life.

This 30 minute PRE-RECORDED reading will be sent to you by email within5 days f purchasing it. PLEASE ADD YOUR DAY/MONTH/YEAR?TIME and PLACE of birth in the notes form when you book.

Online Course

The 40 Day Magic Challenge LIVE

Starting August 24, 2020, take a magic carpet ride with like minded souls. Synchronicity, miracles and astounding luck will be a part of fun. Here's WHY I am doing this course once again...

Then here's an antidote to the Pandemic Blues

In the last few months we've all felt it -- the worry, the stress, the dreaded feeling that the world has gone to hell in a contagious hand-basket. Friends and family are fighting over who is right, what is true and who to believe.

Browsing your social media feed is like taking a swim in a shark tank. It's scary out there and the water is bloody.

I too have been feeling rattled and unsteady, losing touch with the soul magic that is my divine birthright -- so I've decided to reboot my 40 Day Magic Challenge. The last (and third time) I lead this course live was 2017!

What's this course about? Rather than describe it to you, i will let others do that in the testimonials below. In the meantime here is what you get in this AUGUST 24th to OCT 2nd online course.

1. A daily email prompt assignment for journalling

2. An amazing synchronicity boosting guided meditation by me (mp 3 download)

3, A private and fun FB community with WEEKLY FB LIVE/ZOOM calls

4. A weekly readings giveaway contest

5. The chance to incite miracles and soul magic in your life again!

Come join me ! After all, what do you have to lose but an ordinary life?