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Client Success Package (Existing Client, Discounted Bundle)

Many practices have had team turn-over. If you want to start PreVu training from scratch, then this discounted training bundle includes the following one-on-one sessions:
PreVu Kick-Off Meeting ($250)
Quick-Start Training ($175)
Simulation Review x 2 ($250)
Implementation & Strategy Meeting ($250)
How to present PreVu in your new patient exams ($250)
How to use PreVu in your high-value consults ($250)
Total Value: $1,425
The code in your receipt will allow you to use our online scheduling system to schedule software training sessions only. KOM and coaching sessions must be scheduled via customer service. Please call PreVu customer support at 855-773-8848.

New Hire Quick-Start Training (90-minutes)


PreVu Simulation Review Session (60 mins)


Implementation Coaching

PreVu Kick-Off Meeting

Let's introduce your team to PreVu!
Energize your dental team by emphasizing the transformative impact of smiles. Highlight how cosmetic dentistry enhances confidence, overall well-being and can improve your patients' quality of life. Provide them with engaging success stories and educate them on how PreVu can help create a collaborative atmosphere where team members feel empowered to educate and inspire patients, fostering a genuine enthusiasm for discussing smile transformations.

We will also review what to expect and what is expected out out of the software training protocol.

Presenting PreVu in a New Patient Exam

Leverage dental treatment simulations during new patient exams to visually convey potential treatments. Enhance patient understanding of dental needs by showing personalized outcomes. This interactive approach fosters informed decisions, increases treatment acceptance, and builds trust between patients and dental professionals.

How to Use PreVu in Your High-Value Consults

Employ dental treatment simulations during consultations for cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. Showcase potential results visually to evoke an emotional connection. Having an emotional connection plays a pivotal role in purchasing expensive services like dental treatment. Emotions influence decision-making; when people connect on a personal level, it creates a sense of resonance and aspiration. This connection fosters trust, enhances perceived value, and reduces apprehension about the investment, ultimately motivating individuals to make the purchase with greater confidence and satisfaction.

This immersive experience establishes trust, bridges knowledge gaps, and boosts case acceptance as patients envision and eagerly invest in their transformed smiles and renewed confidence.

PreVu Prototype

Prototype- STL File Only (6 teeth or less)


Prototype- STL File Only (7-10 teeth)


Prototype- STL File Only (Full-Arch) $280


Simulation Service

PreVu- Simulation Service (10-Pack)

Let our smile design team create your digital smile makeover for use in your high-value consults. This package is for 10 simulations.

Service hours: 8am-8pm EST
Customer Service Hours: 10am-6pm EST

Once you are set-up on our photo submission portal, you will be sent an email with all necessary information to get started.