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6 Card Tarot Reading - Past/Present/Future Guidance (email with voice recording)

Via Email:
This reading looks at your past situation or experiences that is influencing your current situation, what’s happening in your current situation, and guidance for you as you move forward with potential outcome.

These readings are meant to provide you with more clarity, support and inspiration by helping you to see underlying influences as well as recommendations and illumination on how to move forward. This is about empowering and supporting you in being aligned with your soul and highest good.

If you have a specific question or theme for me to focus on, please write it in the order form's comment box. It helps to be as brief yet clear as possible. If you have no specific question that’s great too, you will receive a general reading based on what spirit wants to come through for you. . :)

NB: ONLY 1 question per reading. xx

You will be emailed an image of the cards as well as a voice recording of the message within 5 business days of your order. ✨