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Autumn Promotion 🎁

$ CAD250.00
This Fall we're making it easy for you to start working towards that cover-up you've been thinking about. This promotion includes a consultation, spot testing, and three laser treatments.

Time to turn over a new leaf!

Terms and conditions:
- only one coupon per client
- may be used for one tattoo only
- 16 square inches or smaller
- non-transferable
- refundable if client does not qualify as an appropriate candidate for tattoo removal (based on the consultation at Shrinking Ink).

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(844) FADE INK


Dr. Numb - Anesthetic Cream

$ CAD54.00
Dr. Numb is an over the counter 5% Lidocaine Anesthetic Cream . It is a non-oily water-based product and is the only product of its kind licensed in the North American and worldwide market. It has been a Leader in the Aesthetic industry since 2009. It contains Vitamin E and offers rapid absorption with a long shelf life.

This product has not been tested on animals. It is FDA & Health Canada approved for the following conditions and procedures:

abrasions,, anal fissures, desensitization, insectbites, itching, minor cuts, anal pruritus, herpes pain, scabies itch, sunburn, muscle pains, joint pains, biopsies, catheterization, insulin shots, IV Therapy, lumbar puncture, allergy testing, minor surgery, surgical stitches, wart removal, minor burns, dermal filler, electrolysis, microneedling, microdermabrasion, waxing, mole removal, permanent makeup, piercings, and more.

Apply one hour before procedures for best results.

Shrinking Ink is an Authorized Distributor of Dr. Numb - Call for Bulk Orders at (844) 323-3465 (844) FADE INK