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Human Design

Abundance by Human Design Reading

You’re designed to thrive in life and have the resources you need to do so. We’ll go over abundance and money areas in your Human Design chart and you’ll learn how you can specifically decondition yourself from any of the negative programming that’s kept you from claiming abundance as your inherent right.

Body-Mind by Human Design Reading

Learn how to fully embody your Human Design energy type and practice feeling where your inner authority and sovereignty live in your body, so that you can make the most empowered and aligned choices/decisions as you move through life. Are you a sensitive, empathic soul? We’ll look at the areas on your body chart where you’re the most sensitive and you’ll discover how you can restore your energy levels and maintain or reclaim a more vibrant state of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Business + Marketing by Human Design Reading

Discover how you’re designed to show up and contribute to the world. This includes learning more about your unique strengths and gifts, how to bring them into your business, and how to authentically market your business according to your energy type.

Career Clarity + Life Purpose by Human Design Reading

This is a deep dive session for you to find out what your true soul's calling or purpose is and for you to get clarity on the right path for you. You'll also learn how to bring the core essence of your purpose, your gifts, talent, and unique energy, into your life and career -- so that they feel aligned with who you really are, give you the results you're looking for, and allow you to show up authentically as a force for good in the world.

General/Foundational Human Design Reading

You came here to shine your light in a specific way. Discover how your Human Design type, profile, strategy, and authority will help you reclaim your sovereignty, love yourself more, and be a better, healthier, wealthier human by becoming a force for good in the world.