$100.00 initial setup plus $299.00 per month
This cost-savings option is ideal for those committed individuals that want to partner with Dr. Lara in advanced holistic care. Membership includes group (shared) visits and individual visits to create quick changes. Both have flexible options (in-person or online) after the initial visit is obtained. Membership supports you as long as you need to reach your personal health goals.

Signature Care Program

every 4 weeks for 24 weeks ($2898.00 total)
This is the ideal transformative experience if you are struggling with health goals. Being healthy isn't easy.  Change is hard.  Even harder when you have increasing prescription copays, unexplained symptoms, and busy doctors that don't have time to explain what's going on.  When you're motivated and don't know where to turn, Dr. Lara is your enthusiastic solution to work with you, so you can gain clarity to understand the root cause of your struggles and move forward to health optimization.

Dr. Lara's Signature Care Program INCLUDES:

-6 months of in-office visits with Dr. Lara for advanced holistic attention
-Specialty functional testing (urine, salivary, stool) 
-Weekly Momentum Club accountability meetings to keep you on track
-Access to quality, potent nutraceuticals and vitamins at wholesale cost
-Personalized video interpretation of all labs so you can review over and over
-Step-by-step explanation of your customized protocol so you can clearly reach your goals
-Transparency of all labs, notes, and explanations
-Collaboration with your primary care doctor and specialists so your medical team is all on the same page
-Gratitude journal and binder to organize your medical past, present and future
-LIfestyle coaching to include mindfulness, exercise, and dietary instruction
-Personal access to Dr. Lara via text and email.
-Complete ICD-10 billing so your HSA and Flex dollars can apply
-Access to thousands of other functional medicine practitioners when cases are complex and difficult