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One Session: Rehearse, Coaching, Vocal

Whether you have a show, audition, or just experimenting, Varda will get you on track and build your true voice, style, and confidence
An intense session comprised of your choice of three (3) of the following:
1) Warmups (recorded)
2) Personalized Vocal Exercises (recorded)
3) Audition Prep & Coaching: performance choices
4) Vocal Style Workout (Pop, Musical, Rock, Jazz, Cabaret, other)
5) SongBook Expansion: Selecting new music for your repertoire
6) Work on Artist Show

Record-a-thon: 6 session, plus 2-hour Private

This summer. A recording workshop. 6 weeks. Plus 2-hour Private. Record every class, find the magic of your voice on the mic. EACH SESSION: record, listen, redo
Getting into your voice with a mic takes time, feedback, and attention. In 7 weeks you will transform, especially if you do the work on your own, and create the sound you want to sing and hear.
If you're up for the challenge~you'll get at least 2 recorded songs with backing tracks, mixed and mastered for your use. Richard Tuttobene will also

Five for Four! Extra Bonus Session

Pay for four sessions and get an extra bonus session.
Useable for 60 minutes of voice and/or song coaching - or just figuring out new music & charts.
I'll get you up to speed with your current voice desires - whether pop, jazz, blues, cabaret, and musical and then work with you to get your charts and book together.
Great reader, and up to date on styles, techniques, and possible improvements.
Good for 3 months - though most people use them in 1 month once they get going!
(Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance unless a real emergency!)

Rehearsal Tracks in your Key (Two Songs: Piano Only)


Custom Charts: Key Change Only

Have music, but need a chart in your key? Custom Key change with slight adaptations!

Performance Track (.wav or .mp3) with basic drums, bass, piano/keyboard, guitar

A digital version that can be used for performance, with a band arrangement.

Personalized Arrangement

Complete piano/vocal chart in your key and style.

Singing Packages

Four Sessions-- in Five Weeks (includes two workouts)

A DEAL for a five-week intensive that includes two Friday Group Workouts. What happens if you spend some attention on your voice in a concerted way, concentrating on technique and improving style and confidence? This is my deal for December and through the 2nd week of January. You can do taping, record.ing, 1-or-2 hour sessions-- just need to block out in advance looking at the availability calendar. Package expires 5 weeks after purchase....only for the brave at heart! This focus really changes you and your voice for all sorts of work...