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3-month Private Business Mentorship (Deluxe)

$ SGD4800.00
Hiring a personal mentor can help you take your business to unprecedented levels. This exclusive, highly focused program helps you work one on one with me as your mentor and business guide.

Business coaching is a unique partnership to help you go deep into your business and help build it up on solid foundation positioned for maximum growth. I have more than seventeen years of advertising, marketing and general management experience, and I bring almost a decade now of successful entrepreneurship to this program.

The package includes six two-hour mentorship sessions, email support, all bonus resources, free access to Anna's signature 6Weeks2Startup online course, and a review of your marketing materials, website/blog, resume, and social media accounts.

*Access to our signature worksheets, tools and materials
*Weekly support via email or check-in call
*A full assessment of your website, branding collateral, and social media audit
*Becoming a powerhouse marketing maven—learn the ins and outs of successful positioning
*Revenue platform—understand strategic ways to bring in more income

Duration: 3 Months, biweekly meeting
Includes: 6 x 120 minute in-person sessions PLUS 1 x 20 check-in calls

S2L Membership VIRTUAL Program

$ SGD170.00
per month
Our S2L VIRTUAL Membership offers a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to really begin accelerating your small business to next level!

Many successful entrepreneurs today, from Bill Gates to Pat Flynn, use mastermind and membership programs and to help grow their business and work on their personal development.

The S2L Membership Program is a structured support system for early stage entrepreneurs who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve under the guidance of a dedicated Mentor and Guest Experts.

We will meet on a regular basis (accessible virtually via ZOOM) to push each other to work to our highest potential and hold each other accountable.

You’ll be invited to monthly guided Group Coaching Sessions, Webinars and Q&A sessions with your Mentor Anna C Mallon and a variety of Industry Experts Guest Coaches. Additionally you’ll be part of our dedicated S2L Membership Slack Group (chat room) and get continued access to the 6W2SU FB Group and course materials.

The monthly sessions will be held via our dedicated Web Conferencing and FB Live platforms and currently held on the FIRST Monday of every month at 6.00-7.30pm SGT. All sessions will be recorded and readily available for review any time via video.

What You'll Get?
>> Monthly virtual sessions led by Mentor Anna C Mallon via Video Conferencing for accountability/progress/sharing and tools
>> 90-minute sessions held on every 1st Wednesday at 6-8pm SGT
>> Min of 3 and maximum of 10 to a Group (grouped by stage of business/challenge)
>> Recordings of all sessions for future reference
>> On-going SLACK Group Support + sharing with Anna & S2L Coaches
>> Continued feed of business-building content + members gallery (videos, ebooks)
>> Access to S2L Coaches & Mentors for 1-to-1 bookings
>> Continued Access to the 6W2SU FB Group + course materials
>> Free attendance to all S2L Community Community Events

All of this is easily worth well over $750++ PER month!!


F4S Entrepreneur Evaluation (Individual)

$ SGD850.00
Every Company, Business and Entrepreneur looks for the ‘Blueprint for Success’ but what if we told you that maybe you should be looking for a ‘Fingerprint’ instead?

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a popular benchmarking and coaching tool developed by Michelle Duval. The tool is based on an amazing study of the world’s most successful founders and also failed business builders, to understand what sets them apart and how to support and develop entrepreneurs with the necessary motivations for venture success.
In short, F4S empowers you with deep insight into your entrepreneurial motivations and blind spots.

This evaluation will be done by Startup2Life.com Founder Anna C Mallon, a serial entrepreneur and innovation facilitator who works with both startups and large corporations. She recently partnered with Investible to bring Fingerprint 4 Success to Singapore and the region.

What You’ll Get & Learn in the Session:

> Your own F4S Evaluation & personalised reports
> Learn how to use this tool to increase profitability and longevity for your business
> Understand key strengths and areas for development within the context of business building
> Know which motivations are critical for venture success, attracting investment and encouraging innovation and how to build these
> Learn self-awareness through key insights to personal motivators, attitudes and blindspots
> Get an evaluation by a trained coach and serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years of business-building experience
> Get continued access to the F4S app

Co-Founder (Business Partner) Evaluation

$ SGD1250.00
Everything the Individual Evaluation has but for 2 of you!

What You’ll Get & Learn in the Session:
> 2 Business Partner (Co-founder) F4S Evaluations
> Personalised and team reports (team strengths and blindspots)
> Understanding of key strengths and areas for development
> Learn about areas of friction and compatibility
> Know which motivations are critical for venture success, attracting investment and encouraging innovation and how to build these
> Learn self-awareness through key insights to personal motivators, attitudes and blindspots
> Evaluation by a trained coach and serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years of business-building experience
> Continued access to the F4S app

>> Session Overview (ca. 150 minutes) <<
30min Introduction & context
30min Business Partner 1 Evaluation
30min Business Partner 2 Evaluation
30min Team Evaluation
30min Q&A


$ SGD490.00
This is an exclusive offer for 6Weeks2Startup students who are enrolled on our Standard Pathway and are looking to boost their learning and progress for the next course intake by adding on the Guided Benefits.

> Access to all Materials Online
> Expert advice from Anna & S2L Team
> Workbooks, Checklists, How-to-Guides
> 24/7 Moderated Private FB Group


--> PLUS ++++ WEEKLY COACHING CALLS directly with ANNA - ask anything you like and move forward faster!
--> PLUS ++++ Access to all Guided BONUS MATERIALS
--> PLUS ++++ Recorded Guest Mentor Videos
--> and so much more!

Anna usually charges $350++ per coaching hour so this is a STEAL and has shown to seriously ACCELERATE 6Weeks2Startup results so don't wait!

Sign up now and you'll instantly get access to all.