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Gift Certificates (most popular)

One Acupuncture Session with Consultation

Do you know someone who could benefit from Chinese medicine? This is the perfect gift for them. This 2-hour session will include a free consultation with an acupuncture treatment. The consultation will involve a thorough assessment of their current health issues plus a pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Ultimate Tune Up Treatment

This treatment combines a full hour of massage with a gentle acupuncture treatment. It is designed to soothe tense and achy muscles and deeply relax the mind. It creates a smooth flow of Qi and blood, and balances the Yin and Yang forces of the body. A total Zen experience.

Facial Rejuvenation

This delicious treatment combines a facial massage with gentle acupuncture to create younger, more vibrant looking skin. Warm moist towels, cupping, and an assortment of creams and lotions are used to increase circulation, reduce fine lines, brighten the complexion, reduce eye puffiness, and lift the skin.

Zen Shiatsu Tune-Up

This deeply relaxing treatment combines traditional Japanese shiatsu massage with gentle acupuncture. Shiatsu involves acupressure techniques using the fingers, elbows, and knees; passive stretching of the muscles; and joint mobilization. It has a deep, meditative effect on the mind and helps to ease stress. Japanese Seirin needles are used for greatest comfort and relaxation.

Happy Feet Tune Up

This is a great gift for someone who suffers from tired, achy feet. It is ideal for athletes, pregnant women, dancers, and people who work on their feet all day. Hot towels, luscious smelling creams, reflexology massage, and acupuncture are mixed and mingled to give your feet a dose of happiness.

Ellie's Signature Massage - 1-hour session

Give the gift of health with this 1-hour session of massage. Ellie combines both relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual. Aromatherapy and skin softening oils and lotions are used to enhance the experience. No expiration date.

Six Session Massage Series

This series includes six 1-hour sessions of massage. A 10% discount is included in the price (originally $540).