Body Elite Massage

60min Body Elite Therapeutic Massage

This signature Body Elite Massage is a full body treatment recommended for first time clients so the therapist can assess the overall state of the body and make a plan of treatment. While being a relaxing experience, this type of treatment will also target specific areas of pain and congestion. This massage treatment is recommended as a regular maintenance treatment and should be scheduled every 3 weeks for maximum benefits.

75Min Body Elite Therapeutic Massage

The signature Body Elite Massage with an extra 15mins for clients who need extra work on a specific area.

Body Elite Prenatal Massage 75mins

Utilizing a memory foam body pillow to provide comfortable side lying and supine (face up) positions, your therapist is able to provide a full body massage addressing any specific pains as well as providing 75 mins of pure relaxation. Body Elite recommends avoiding this treatment until after the 1st trimester. See "Services" for a detailed description or call for more information.

Sports Massage 75mins

This effective treatment is geared toward athletes of all types. This is a more specified massage and may or may not be full body depending on the needs of the client. Recommeneded before and after athletic events, the goal is to prep the muscles, prevent fatigue, reduce inflammation and muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries.

Body Cupping Massage Treatment 75mins

This extremely beneficial treament comes from an ancient technique which uses silicone cups to create suction, or negative pressure, to lift and separate the tissue in a specific area of tension or pain. . *NOTE: The lifting of fluid and stagnant blood will sometimes cause marks to appear at the site of cupping. These marks are NOT bruises and will dissipate in about a week. See "Services" for a detailed description or call for more information.

Facial Massage 30mins

Relaxing the muscles in the face, jaw, and scalp will help bring oxygen to the skin, aid in lymphatic drainage, and ease sinus pressure. Relieving this tension helps reduce wrinkles, prevent headaches, and effectively relaxes the entire body. A customized essential oil serum is used to massage the face followed by a hydrating mask.

Facial Cupping Treatment 45mins

Special facial cups are used to create a lifting effect of the facial tissue. oxygenation of the cells, muscle tension release, and lyphatic drainage are just some of the immediate benefits of this treatment. Unlike body cupping, no marks are left on the face. We use a custom essential oil blend to ensure your skin is left feeling fresh and rejuvinated. Other benefits include releif from sinus tention, TMJ, and headaches.