2nd payment of the month for PRO Private Coaching

This is the second of two payments for the first month of private coaching with Elise. First payment of $225 has already been received. Moving forward you will be charged $425 once a month one month from the date of this payment.

The PRO Private Coaching Experience with Elise Arsenault is a unique private coaching program designed specifically for actors who are ready to dream big, take action, and book the work they’ve always desired.

Let's make big things happen in 2020!

Audiobook Adventure Consulting Package ($50 off)

Maybe you're an audiobook narrator, podcaster or you're just looking to record a few quick spots and you've decided to build out your home studio space. There are so many different applications to consider when embarking on a home studio: ambient noise, sound reflection & absorption, room treatments, hardware, software, establishing a noise floor, how to set-up your equipment, mic placement. Setting up a channel strip that works for you. Do you know how to use FTP? To whom can you turn for help? Look no further than the team at The TreeCave!

What You Get:

Priority Access: Follow-up support via scheduled email, phone or zoom troubleshooting sessions.
Ongoing technical support [hardware, software, file-sharing, etc.] The Onus is on the client to schedule these sessions
Unlimited sample reviews
Discounted Mastering Rate on projects through the term of your service --$35/finished hour
General Troubleshooting

What You Don't Get:

Multiple/Unlimited Site Visits
Any guarantee that your space is suitable to meet the stringent standards of industry specs
24/hour 7/day access. Our business hours are 10:00am -7:00pm EST
Regular (weekly/monthly) Coaching/Accountability Checks. The Onus is on the client to setup all follow up support sessions
Performance Coaching. This is specifically technical/self engineering support.

$80 Site Visits can be purchased in conjunction only with the purchase of a consultation package

-Up to 3 hours on site

More at https://www.treecave.com/consulting.html

Performance Coaching 4-Pack

Buy in a bundle of 4 sessions and save! These sessions will EXPIRE six months after purchase.

Performance Coaching 8-Pack

Buy in a bundle of 8 sessions and save! These sessions will expire eight months after purchase.