Workflow Design Consulting


Paycheck Protection Program

1 Hour PPP Consultation

One hour consulting commonly used for:
Loan Forgiveness Strategy Review
Full Time Equivalent Employee Calculations
Safe Harbor Review
Sample Scenarios

3 Hour Consulting Package


Private Training Groups

Introduction to Zoom Meetings

You know that video is all the rage in content creation and you keep seeing the number of live streams continue to increase but you are just not sure how to do it yourself!

During this introductory course, we will teach you the following topics:

How to setup your Free Zoom Account
The Differences between the different paid subscriptions to Zoom
How to Setup Your Custom Meeting ID Number and why you should
Which Zoom Meeting settings to select and why
Recording Meetings to the cloud or locally
How to Use Zoom to work remotely with online meetings
How to offer remote assistance by using Zoom.

Upon completion of the course, graduates will receive:

PDF Tutorial that covers all the topics that we cover
Access to private video tutorials to reference as needed.
Priority access to our Advanced Zoom Course

Live Streaming Like A Pro

We all see it happen day after day, that Facebook Live Stream that gets started before anyone knows it started. This course will help teach you how to launch Facebook Live like a pro!

Upon completion of the course, graduates will receive:

PDF Tutorial that covers the basic settings and steps necessary to go live on their own.

Graduates will also be provided access to a invite only testing ground that will allow the a place to practice before going live.

Our goal is to help each person walk through the live stream process, so we are limiting the number of attendees to 10 per session. Register today to reserve your seat