Chakra Tune-Up Package

$ CAD497.00
Isn't it time to give your chakra system a much-needed tune-up?

Your chakra energy centres are gateways to greater vitality and wellbeing. When functioning properly, they are like a well-oiled canal system, moving energy quickly and efficiently from one lock to the other, up-and-down your spinal column.

When we make unhealthy life choices, or when we experience trauma, we can block the natural flow of energy. We then start to feel sluggish, tired, stressed and anxious. It becomes increasingly difficult to feel love, abundance, joy, and vitality.

My system of chakra therapy using crystals, essential oils, Reiki and other spiritual tools can shed light on what's keeping you stuck, and remove those energy and psychic debris blocking the natural flow of life-force energy through your chakra system.

You will feel revitalized, refreshed, clear, and confident.

**This spiritual healing does not replace medical or psychological therapy. Always consult a medical or mental health professional if you have a condition requiring treatment.

Manifesting Game Plan

$ CAD497.00
I bet you're already good at manifesting.  But is it consistent?  Do you know WHY you manifest certain things... and maybe the really good stuff is more difficult?  

Wouldn't manifesting be easier if you had a roadmap?

The real issue is that our minds are programmed to re-create our present based on what happened to us in the past.  Unless you have a process that works with both your soul and your mind, you'll find it very difficult to shift the big stuff.  

The Akashic Records have such a roadmap for you - for shifting your energy, your mindset, and your set point for manifestation.  I've put together 3 powerful readings to help you access this divine wisdom that's already within you.  You'll uncover what your unique soul needs to create your boldest manifestations -- and what you need to release.  Together, we'll create a game-plan that will change the way you approach intuitive manifestation, so you can have the life and business you desire!

Book your sessions accordingly for best results:
Week 1: Soul Profile -- where we clarify your intentions based on your soul's needs and desires

Week 2: Karma Clearing -- where we work on healing protocols and clear your karmic files so you magnetize your new intention and way of BEING.

Week 3 or 4: Soul Manifesting Blueprint -- where we put a plan together to move you into aligned action. Knowledge of your soul without action will NOT transform you. Wisdom with aligned action WILL CREATE MAGIC in your life! This here is the key!

**By booking this package, you are saving over $300 from the investment of individual sessions. Must be paid in full. You must be willing to do your work and implement the plan of action.

Mystical Manifestation Moon Package

$ CAD1997.00

You've always known that there is more to life than what your eyes can see, and what you mind tells you. There is an essence of magic out there that you desire to connect with...a spirit of natural alchemy, beautiful ritual, and divine order...but you're unsure of how to tap into these energies within yourself to manifest your desire -- whether it's a new love, a new business adventure, or the "big money".

You've been seeking and praying for something to reconnect you with your sense of joy, flow and harmony. You're tired of being tired; you've had enough of all the pushing and do-do-do energy; you're ready to magnetize and manifest; you're willing to invite in Goddess energy and play in the field of infinite possibilities.

One full moon cycle with me as your personal shaman, Reiki Healer, sacred space holder, spiritual coach... One full moon cycle devoted to YOU, your dream, your manifestation process... Imagine the possibilities. And now take soulful, aligned action.

Spirit Guide Mentoring Program

$ CAD697.00
On the path of spiritual development, maybe you feel lost or confused. One of the most common question I hear is, "what should I do now?" or "what should I do next?". Maybe you're a bit frustrated that you have to figure everything out on your own, with no roadmap or "owner's manual". Maybe you're a little bit angry inside that your process of transformation is taking so long -- and one of the main reason is because you just don't know what to do to manifest what you desire.

There is help. In fact, you have a whole team of Spirit Guides working with you night and day to give you guidance, wisdom, love and healing. The problem is... you might not know who these guides are and how to work with them. You might not know how to be the CEO of your life, with your Spirit Guides as directors and benefactors.

If you're ready to attract more ease, flow and abundance in your life, it's time for you to start working with your Spirit Guides.

In the first 1-hour session, you will meet your Spirit Guides and I will inform you of the energy and guidance they hold for you. Then we have 6 x 30 minutes weekly sessions where I channel messages from your Guides to help you understand and implement changes in your life in a step-by-step approach. This program will help you feel nurtured and guided. It will help you stand in your own power and co-create the life and business you truly want.

There may be clearings and OHM-work involved; your Guides team will orchestrate that for you as needed.

Book the 1-hour session first, followed by one 30-minute coaching session per week. It's important that you keep to the weekly schedule to keep you momentum and really see the changes happen in your life and business -- as if by magic.

The Spirit-Led Entrepreneur (Pay-in-Full)

$ CAD1997.00
You've been in business for at least three years. You've had your ups and downs. You have already helped hundreds of people through your services. You find yourself now at a crossroads. Perhaps some services feel stale. Perhaps you feel the need to birth something new but you're not sure what form it will take. Perhaps the marketing strategies you've been using up to now are no longer serving you, nor your desired growth.

You don't want to blindly follow the latest guru trends, and you've had enough of all the freebie-mania available on social media. You want to make sure that your plan and strategies are aligned with the deepest and most authentic desires of your soul and its mission.

You want to lead from your heart and soul. Make an impact in the world. And experience less stress and less hustle. When you partner up with Spirit and Soul... all this is possible!

Are you ready to uplevel your energy and your programs in 3 months?

:: Find strength and validation through your Soul Profile as found in your Akashic Records
:: Resolve energetic misalignments - whether they are found in your marketing, services, communications or team structure.
:: Shake away the creative cobwebs and egoic resistance to redefine this new phase of your business
:: Feel guided and nurtured from Spirit, Goddess, and your whole team of spirit guides (and learn how they are working WITH YOU to manifest your heart's desires!)

Consider this your spirit-led "team meeting" to set the tone and give you focus each month. When your business is spirit-led, so many miracles can unfold with ease and grace! Your life will transform with more harmony and joy!