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Amplify: a 1:1 Four-Hour Power Coaching Session

An Investment in Yourself.

This package is for new clients only.


1) A four-hour 1:1 session to amplify your goals, satisfaction levels and the way forward, in
your career

2) Assess your satisfaction in 8 career- related categories

3) Clarify 2-3 major values: how you make decisions

4) Develop a “Personal Impact Statement”

5) Meet your inner “Chairman of the Board” and learn what s/he has to say

6) Identify risks and maximize productivity

7) Discover any sabotaging stories and re-write them

8) Walk away with a clear Action Plan for 2-3 major goals, and starting steps

9) Reduced coaching rate, if you decide to coach with me later
[discount valid for 15 days after our 1:1 session]

No-show and cancellation policies apply