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Detoxology/ Full body detox from Angela

A fast, effective and uplifting detoxing treatment to help support over indulgance, (post holiday, Christmas, etc), weight loss, muscular tension fatigue and low mood. A combination of reflexology that focuses on detoxing and balance of the body, combined with the use of the Bio Energising Foot spa and further detox foot pads as an option.
Can be combined with a full body detoxing Swedish massage for further detoxing and balancing of the body, using Neal's Yard detox toning oils.

Ear Candles with a facial reflexology/ head massage/Reiki

Ear candles are hollow cones made of fabric covered in paraffin wax, beeswax, or soy wax. ... Proponents of this treatment, called ear candling, the warmth created by the flame causes suction. The suction pulls earwax and other impurities out of the ear canal and into the hollow candle. Angela does a gentle balancing facial reflexology with Angelic Reiki. Deeply relaxing treatment beneficial for migraines/ sinus issues/ insomnia/ anxiety.

Facial reflexology

Facial Reflexology aims to relax and help remove stress by assisting the body to heal and rebalance itself. During facial reflexology gentle pressure is applied to the different reflex zones and reflexology points on the face. We believe these points directly relate to areas of the body.

Fertility & Pre-conception Reflexology,

A holistic and complementary approach to help couples with pre conception and fertility, which involves working together, setting out a treatment plan that is personally suited to their life style and well being with reflexology as well as other complementary mediums, which will help bring balance and support in the aim of conception. On going support and treatments will also be carried forward should conception be a success.

Foot Whispering/Foot reading/ Foot medium

A unique, holistic, spiritual and therapeutic treatment which focuses on the feet and what your special foot print in life is saying about you, health and spiritual well-being. Includes relaxing reflexology and use of Angel cards. Walk forward in life with the heart and feet in unison. Angela has the ability to pick up mediumship while working on your feet.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic practice that has been used in India for over 5000 years, and requires no oils or equipment, making it a very accessible treatment, perfect for newcomers to massage. It is usually done while seated and through light clothing. It originates from an Indian alternative medicine system called Ayurveda, (translated as the ‘science of life’), whereby it is believed that the mind and body are intricately connected and thus can influence one another.

Past life & This life Regression

This is a one to one Consultation which is recorded for you to take away.
Costs start from £75 per sessions last about 60 - 90 minutes.
more info can be found at www.ahappymedium.co.uk

Warm Bamboo Massage,

Bamboo Massage is a warm, relaxing but deep and therapeutic massage using heated bamboo sticks. Beneficial for sports injuries, muscle pain and discomfort.

Zoom session with Derek

This is a 40 min session with Derek on zoom or other video format.

Zoom session with Derek 60 mins

60 min session with Derek on zoom or another format

Angel – A Complimentary Therapy

I am Angela McPherson, a Complementary Therapist since 2007, providing a range of holistic, relaxing and therapeutic treatments to benefit health and well being. Reflexology, warm bamboo and deep tissue massage, maternity treatments and Reiki have all been enjoyed by my clients in Moray and The Western Isles. They are all great treatments to have but ,“Foot Whispering” is what I am known for.
I am The Island Foot Whisperer. Foot Whispering is a unique, enjoyable and spiritual view of your distinctive foot print in life, highlighting just how special your feet truly are. Foot Whispering sessions includes relaxing reflexology, with use of Angel cards and illustrates how our feet are not just something to cover up with shoes and socks! Once tried, never forgotten.

Sole to Soul with both Derek & Angel

Great news both Angela and Derek are offering a soul to sole package 2x 30 min session for £70 one with Angela and one with Derek or you can have and 30 mins session with just one off them for £40. Please text or call 07468119635 to book

Taster session with Angela £30 for £30 mins


Life Coaching one session

Each session is tailored to your individual or companies requirements. The sessions can be done on the phone or via Skype etc.The benefits of these sessions are that you can talk in confidence, let of steam and look at solutions to achieve the success you truly desire.

Let Derek help you reprogram your brain to be more positive and achieve more happiness and success. Book a session now this can also be used with hypnotherapy IE weight loss

30 min Private Session with Derek

Great gift to give to a Family member or friend. Or just treat yourself and be inspired by a Session with A Happy Medium.

3 Life Coaching sessions

Save £25 by booking 3 sessions in advance

Let Derek help you reprogram your brain to be more positive and achieve more happiness and success. Book a session now

5 Life Coaching/ CBT/ Hypnotherapy

Save £50 now buy booking 5 sessions in advance.

Let Derek help you reprogram your brain to be more positive and achieve more happiness and success. Book a session now