Easy A Silver Membership

per month
Want to stay on top of your class week to week? The Silver membership grants access to all weekly review sessions for STA309, ECO329, and ECO420K.

Easy A Gold Membership

per month
If you're looking to stay on top of your class on a week to week basis, then the Gold membership for you. The Gold membership grants four (4) Private Appointment sessions with a Study Expert for extra intensive practice so you can meet once a week with a tutor. The Easy A Gold membership is used by 90% of our students.

Easy A Diamond Membership

per month
The Diamond membership is the highest level of service Easy A has to offer and it's nothing short of a boot camp that transforms F's and D's into coveted A's and B's. Along with Weekly Review sessions, the Diamond membership includes six (6) hours of private tutoring and access to the Final Exam Review at the end of the semester.