Dr. Patane's Natural Ouch Pouch Kit

As flu season begins to ramp up it's time to get prepared! Have you been wanting to treat your families ailments naturally but are lacking the knowledge and toolkit you need to move forward? This is the answer for you! Not only has Dr. Patane put together a kit of all of her favorite natural medicine products (avoiding the need for antibiotics or NSAIDS) that she personally has used to treat her family of 5 naturally, as well as recommends to her patients and their families, but she has also put together a complete laminated guide showing you the exact product and dosage to use for each acute condition you may encounter. All products are full-size, top quality, doctor-prescribed brands. It is all nicely organized in a convenient travel kit for your home, that you can easily grab to take on the go when traveling so you are always prepared. At the first sign of illness, use the guide to show you how to use the provided products to help your family overcome illness and injury naturally, supporting your long-term health. With a savings of over $100, this makes a great gift for your family or your children's families for Christmas, baby showers, birthdays, or just because you care..... Also included is a link to re-order products at a 10% discount.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.