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$ AUD220.00
per week for 12 weeks ($ AUD2640.00 total)
Fortnightly 45 min magic and medicine sessions
Unlimited Messenger support
Spirited Sistermind Circle membership
Circle School Sistership membership

Holding Space 14 Day Immersion

$ AUD97.00
Holding Space 14 Day Immersion starts with full moon energy on Friday 23rd November❤️

We cover:
- learning to truly listen without agenda
- to really hear what a woman is saying with her words, her body, her heart,
- to honour her truth and perspective without judgement, advice, platitudes or sympathy.

It all happens inside our private FB group with: - daily practices and rituals
- FB live Q&A
- Mitlé’s Space Holder archetypes (these have just come through!)
- closing circle

The price it wants to be is $97 so it is!!

Women's Circle Mentoring

$ AUD185.00
every 2 weeks for 6 weeks ($ AUD555.00 total)
3 x 75 min mentoring sessions