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$ AUD220.00
per week for 12 weeks ($ AUD2640.00 total)
Fortnightly 45 min magic and medicine sessions
Unlimited Messenger support
Spirited Sistermind Circle membership
Circle School Sistership membership

Amy Jade Dwyer

$ AUD0.00
12 month mentoring and fun!

Holding Space 14 Day Immersion

$ AUD97.00
Holding Space 14 Day Immersion starts with full moon energy on Friday 23rd November❤️

We cover:
- learning to truly listen without agenda
- to really hear what a woman is saying with her words, her body, her heart,
- to honour her truth and perspective without judgement, advice, platitudes or sympathy.

It all happens inside our private FB group with: - daily practices and rituals
- FB live Q&A
- Mitlé’s Space Holder archetypes (these have just come through!)
- closing circle

The price it wants to be is $97 so it is!!

Krystal Circlemind

$ AUD100.00
every 2 weeks for 6 weeks ($ AUD300.00 total)
Final payments for CircleMind

Sister Wounds Circle Bundle

$ AUD97.00
Online Circle on Thursday 28th February at 7.30am GMT
Inner Goddess Meditation to download
Journaling prompts to support your further
Sister Wound Healing Ritual to do at home or in Circle
Private messenger group to share the resources

Sleepover with Mitlé

$ AUD225.00
per week for 10 weeks ($ AUD2250.00 total)
Thank you for securing your place at our upcoming sleep over in Perth.
You will receive an email with the details shortly. xx

Women's Circle Mentoring

$ AUD185.00
every 2 weeks for 6 weeks ($ AUD555.00 total)
3 x 75 min mentoring sessions

Your magnificent year with Mitlé and Brigid

$ AUD245.00
per week
Coaching and mentoring

Your magnificent year with Mitlé and Val

$ AUD150.00
per week
12-month mentoring package.