Keep Kickin Soccer Training

College Consultation Session

The college recruitment process can seem harder than dating at times. Sit down with our team to discuss what divisions, programs, and academics would be the right fit. Pairing this with an evaluation session or game analysis enables the KKS team to put forth a more detailed report on player placement.

Evaluation Session

A session designed to find the strengths and weaknesses in a players game. A detailed report will be created and distributed to the player.

Private Session

Working on any aspect you choose.

Game Analysis

Have a Keep Kickin coach attend a game of yours and create an in-depth evaluation. From your quality of touches and positional efficiency, to how you’re striking the ball and tackles won, we focus on the little details that make big differences.

Mobile Program Creation

Don’t have the time to meet up with one of our coaches? Traveling for an extended period of time? Let us evaluate your game and create a plan that you can do anywhere at anytime. Whether you're at a hotel gym or on a Caribbean island, stay focused and working hard with a custom made plan fitting your goals.


Customize five sessions in any way you'd like. Focus on technical skills, speed of play, strength, or anything else you'd like to improve in. You are in complete control!

The Re-Vamp

One week program of high intensity sessions meant to get back in form and gain confidence back. 6 sessions.

Agility Ability

Our most popular program! Aimed to improve overall agility and coordination on and off the ball. Regardless of position, the ability to change direction with the ball is crucial in the game. Build the foundation to the game. 8 sessions.

The Poacher

The program for the goal scorers. First touch, movement off the ball, and finishing being the main points. How lethal can you be in front of goal? A portion of this program utilizes drills and mechanics developed by Allan Russell and the Costa Rican national team. 8 sessions.

The Number 8

Perfect program for the center midfielder. Perfect technique in turning, manipulation of ball while passing, tackling, free kicks, and positional play. Being the heart of your team takes a lot of precision and in this program passing efficiency and creative thoughts will come alive. 9 sessions.

The Great Wall

Defending 101. Bringing back the old ways of hard tackling and denial of play while maintaining the technical nature of todays defenders. Make a statement with your defending and commend respect on the field from attackers. 9 sessions.


Program aimed to get back in shape and game ready for your season. A combination of ball work, strength work, and fitness make this the best option when looking to go into preseason above all. 24 Sessions.

The Molder

Twelve week program for players that are looking to increase in all aspects. Focusing on building a strong base and working up to developing a unique personality on the field. A deep focus on positional play and becoming a smarter player. 36 sessions.