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Career Coaching Package

Step 1: 45 minute telephone screening
Step 2: Highlands Ability Battery
Step 3: 2 hour personal feedback session
Step 4: Career Exploration Summary

Individual Leadership Consulting

Step 1: 1 hour information gathering session
Step 2: Highlands Ability Battery-aptitude testing
Step 3: 2 hour personal feedback session
Step 4: Leadership summary report
Step 5: 1 hour Follow up and planning session

Organizational Training and Development

Training Topics:
Organizational Leadership Coaching:
Group Introductions, Aptitude Testing, Individual Debrief, Report, Team Building based on results.
Promoting Civility
"Who you are Matters"
Staying Career Fit and Flexible
Managing Stress in a Stressful World
Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

All trainings and workshops are priced individually

Individual Career and Personal Counseling Session

One hour career and personal counseling session focused on understanding, addressing and resolving career and personal issues.