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Clear the Slate: 6-Week Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Program: Clear the Slate
Clear the Slate and Get Your Feet on Solid Ground: Stop Spinning Your Wheels (A 6-Week Personalized Program to Help You Find Center and Start Living Again)

Is this program for you?

Are you dealing with narcissistic abuse in a relationship, or have you dealt with it in the past? If so, you might be a candidate for this program.

As you’re going through this recovery and growth process of recognizing and getting through narcissistic abuse, or of getting over a narcissistic relationship (not to mention the mental damage done by it), you might start to feel like you’re not quite connected like you should be – or like you want to be.

Let me ask you: do you ever feel like there’s a sort of barrier or bubble around you that prevents you from actually experiencing life?

Or maybe you can’t quite “feel” the world around you? Or, is it kind of like like you’re looking at people through a fog or screen, or maybe like you just have no emotions at all?

If you’re feeling scattered, forgetting things and generally dissociating from yourself and your life as you work to heal from the abuse you endured during your narcissistic relationship, you’re not alone.

In fact, you might also be feeling a variety of PTSD-related symptoms as you go through this process, and that’s because you’ve been through an emotional hell, or you may still be going through it.

What You Get Out of It

As we work together, you will learn how to stop spinning and put your feet on solid, level ground.

This means you’ll learn:

To discover the exact reason and to let go of whatever brought you to this broken place in your life – and exactly how and why you should.
Why and how dissociation and other PTSD-related symptoms have literally saved your sanity and maybe even your life in the past, and why it’s so hard to let go of them.
How you can stop dissociating find center again.
Coping tactics for the weeks and months ahead as you go through your self-rediscovery process and get through the narcissitic abuse aftershocks.
How and why you’ve got to live in the moment.
Self-care affirmations, plans and daily routines to help you learn to love yourself, in a way that you never could before.
Included are the Following Weekly 45-Minute, One-on-One Coaching Sessions, Each Customized to Your Specific Situation and Needs

Week One: Push the ‘Restart Button’ On Your Life
Week Two: Letting Go of Old Baggage
Week Three: Managing Dissociation and PTSD 101
Week Four: How and Why to Start Living in the Moment
Week Five: Something to Anchor You
Week Six: Freedom and Self-Love: Developing Your Personal Passion Plan
And: Weekly Self-Discovery and Personal Development Missions

Week One: Jumpstart Guide to Your Brand New Life
Week Two: Personal Baggage Inventory Tool: Figuring Out What You Can Leave at the “Station”
Week Three: Coping Tactics & Tools
Week Four: Tools for Development: Mantras for Moving Forward
Week Five: Anchoring Yourself: Your Personal Sign of Self-Actualization
Week Six: Your Passion Plan Building Kit
Plus: Tools to Help You Move Forward and Reclaim Your Life, Including:
Access to Coaching via App During the 6 Weeks and for 2 Weeks Afterward (Learn more at DailyCoach.App)
Weekly Reminders, Checklists and Related Reading Materials
Daily Affirmations, Journal Prompts, Exercises and Reflections sent to your private coaching inbox during the 6-week program.

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