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2- hour sessions each month to work on your business and help you move forward towards your goals. Minimum term commitment of six (6) months.

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Ops Boss: Business Planning & Operation Workbook

The Ops Boss: Business Planning & Operations Workbook is for companies that need help on where to start creating their processes and procedures. This workbook walks you through step by step from creating workflows, looking at systems and then combining the two to create your companies workbook.

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Quarterly 3-hour sessions 1 - on - 1 with me, to keep you moving on projects in your business includes unlimited email access and a 30-minute accountability call each month. Price is for the full year.

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Sexy Startup Business Guide

Did you just start a business, thinking about starting a business or been in business for a couple of years and still having a hard time finding your footing in your business?

This workbook walks you through step by step on making sure your business in on the right track

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Start Up Stephanie - Launch Your Wedding Planning Business

Hey Brand Spankin’ New Wedding Planner- Yep I’m talking to you!

Are you just starting your wedding business? Or maybe you’ve only been in business a few years but you know you still have a lot to learn.

You’re still trucking along and hitting the road bumps that come along with starting your own business.

I bet you’re starting to reach the point where you’re saying… “Oh, this is harder than I expected.”

Did you think it was going to be as easy as the movies make it look!?

Well I’m here to tell you. It’s not that easy!

There is SO much more to running and managing a successful wedding planning business than just tulle, flowers, and cake tastings.

We all love tulle! There I said it.

The rush of emotions when you send your bride down the aisle to her groom in waiting. Or the awe moment you give your clients when they see their reception for the first time. All of those exceptional parts of being wedding planners are exactly that… exceptional.

But no one really wants to talk about how your feet feel the morning after a wedding. Or that time you stuck your hands and consequently your head up a sweaty wedding dress. No one ever talks about what to do when the bride isn’t happy or you’ve forgotten a detail.

Not to mention taxes, internship laws, and maintaining your vendor database.

Owning a wedding planning business is about SO much more than setting pretty tables and having cocktails at a vendor party.

That’s why I created Start Up Stephanie.

She’s just like you! She’s brand new and she needs to know what it takes to run a successful wedding planning business.

You know – one that actually makes money!

When I started my wedding planning business I had no idea what I was doing. I had reached out to other planners without much help and then had to set out on my own.

What I really needed was someone who could help me prevent all of the roadblocks I kept running into. I needed a little guidance on best practices and how to DO the actual nitty-gritty of wedding planning.

I’d venture to say you need to know those things too… like:

What legal paperwork should I file?

How do I price my services?

How to find clients?

What goes in a final timeline?

Who’s job is it to light the candles?

What do I do when a client is mad at me?

What do I need to think about on the wedding day?

If you’re sick and tired of hearing the same old, same old fluffy information available for wedding planners then Start Up Stephanie is the course for you.

Here’s the details.

The Start Up Stephanie course is broken down into 10 modules. It begins well… in the very beginning. With the most basic parts of starting your planning business.

Each module builds into the more complex - yet down to earth – way of managing your clients, booking more business, and handling all of the logistics.

Check out a breakdown of what you’re going to learn in each module.

Business –

o Module 1 - How to Start A Wedding Planning Business- By the Numbers

o Module 2- Selecting Your Brand and Finding Your First Client

o Module 3- The Paperwork- Contracts, Proposals, and Pricing

o Module 4- Sales, Client Management, and Onboarding

Wedding Planning –

o Module 5- Managing the Planning, Design, and Vendor Partners

o Module 6- Managing Destination, Cultural, and Unique Weddings

o Module 7- Managing All the Other Events Too

o Module 8- Important Final Details You Need to Know About- So That Things Don't Go Wrong

Planning Process -

o Module 8 - Week of Wedding- What's Most Important

o Module 9 - Wedding Day Emergencies- And How to Solve Them

o Module 10 - After the Wedding- Securing Their Positive Review

Seriously, it’s all in there! Everything you need to prevent the new business road bumps!

And the even better part… once you buy it- it’s yours forever. You get it all at once!

There’s no group calls or release dates.

You can binge watch and work all at once and emerge a wedding planning superhero.

Or you can grab a watch when you have a problem and need to solve it.

Or you can only digest and work on your business a little at a time.

You don’t have to wait… it comes to you right away!

Need some support as you go through the course?

Get access to me in our FB group just for wedding planners. Have a question! Get an answer!

I’ll be there for you step by step!

Dig in now! Don’t wait until you feel hopeless and like you’re getting nowhere! Take the steps to a better wedding planning business now!

Course Certified by Wedding Network USA (tm).

"As a beginner wedding planner, I searched online for different wedding planning courses. During my research I found Jennifer, and I am so grateful. Her course is very informative. The course provides everything you need from sample documents to the essential software programs that every wedding/event planner needs. One of the best things about the course is the attentiveness of Jennifer. I had a couple of questions and emailed Jennifer and she responded in a timely manner. After taking her course I feel like a wedding planning pro. I am so thankful! She doesn't know but in my mind she is my mentor!" LaKisha

MODULE 1: Launch your Wedding Planning Business

In this module we start at the Wedding Industry as a whole, tips on naming your company, how to research to see if it is taken, finding your business team/tribe, resources for starting a business and finally, what if you don’t want to work for yourself, but you want to still to be a wedding planner!

MODULE 2: Define Yourself and Your Brand

What are you? A Planner, Consultant, Designer or Coordinator? Who is your ideal client? Now take those two questions and getting your “elevator” speech ready to get out there and network! Where should you network and best practices about Networking.

MODULE 3: Pricing and Packaging for Profit

Finding your business tribe, who are they and how do they work for you. Creating your contract, how to price your services, should you have packages? What to do when a potential client wants to negotiate with your or your wedding professionals.

MODULE 4: Finding and Booking Your First Client

How to get the client, from marketing, getting the first email about availability to onboarding them as a client, this module is about “wooing” the client!

MODULE 5: Becoming a Project Manager

All about what our main job is Project Management, from timelines to setup documents, learn what is in my tool box to be a great wedding planner. Also, learn a little about design elements and starting those strong vendor relations

MODULE 6: The Different Types of Weddings

In this module we review how did wedding planning become a job? Where did the traditions come from? An overview of how do to a cultural wedding, a destination wedding and a wedding at a private residence

MODULE 7: Down to the Details

This module gets into the details of planning, how to create a very flexible timeline, what is a BEO and who creates it, how to run an effective planning meeting, issues that can arise during the planning process and the very unfortunate cancelled wedding. Basically the nuts and bolts of wedding planning!

MODULE 8: The Wedding Week- What You Need to Know and Do

The wedding week is here!!!!! You are excited and nervous all at the same time. I provide you a step by step guide to the whole week. What should you do during the week, the rehearsal and how to keep your sanity on the day of the wedding!

MODULE 9: Mitigating Emergencies

EMERGENCY – 911- what to do when someone spills red wine on the wedding dress, what to do when a wedding professional forget about the wedding. Fixing the cake or floral. What should you have in your emergency kit. How to handle non-acceptable behavior from clients, guests and wedding professionals. It is not fun to talk about, but it is part of the job

MODULE 10: After Wedding Follow Up Procedures

After the wedding, you may think you are done with the clients, wedding professionals, WRONG, you now need to follow-up with asking for evaluations and reviews from the clients, maybe telling them about a great referral program. Sending Thank You notes to wedding professionals. This all puts you in a great position to keep getting referrals and the Sales pipeline full!