DNA Activation Series

When you’re ready to stop messing around with unhealthy patterns, energetic drag and anything that isn’t about your true purpose, this is the healing you want. The real deal; the ultimate energetic uplevel.

The effects of this activation are so profound that it takes place over the course of 3 separate meetings. Many people take 4-6 weeks to complete all three, but you can do it as quickly as once per week for 3 weeks in a row. (One week is the minimum amount of time needed for your etheric body to repair and recharge between sessions.)

We start with your Life Activation, a 75-minute session that includes a brief intuitive reading. This session is all about “turning the lights back on” in your DNA. Once your body adjusts to these new levels of light, we move to the Full Spirit Activation, a 55-minute appointment that reconnects your soul to your spirit body. Our final session is the Purpose of Life Intuitive Reading (55 mins), during which we explore aspects of your “true self” and your work on this planet.

Get ready to unlock information and access to your your genetic family, angels, arch-angels, mythological beings, and Masters of Light with this transformative series.

Empowerment Package

A few housekeeping items:
**You must first complete your Life Activation before scheduling your Full Spirit Activation.
**The Full Spirit Activation must take place no more than 2 months after the Life Activation. Please contact me with any questions you have!

Thank you!

Reiki Series

Experience a subtle yet profound healing that restores harmony to your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. During a reiki session I channel a specific vibration of universal life force energy by hovering my hands over organs, chakras and other body structures/systems. This energy triggers your body's natural healing processes, restoring balance and wellbeing.

Shamanic Aura Clearing + Emotional Cord Cutting

A Shamanic Aura Clearing aura clearing works with elemental Earth energy to help cleanse, clarify and purify your aura in a way that's both gentle and powerful. By incorporating the Sutra of the Heart, this unique healing activates the natural protective responses of your etheric field. // Energetic cords from unhealthy or outdated relationships can drain your energy without your knowledge, leaving you feeling depleted. An Emotional Cord Cutting stops this energy siphoning, letting you keep more of your precious life force. This ritual extends the release to all relationships in your life, restoring healthy balance. From there, you can more effectively create, heal, and transform according to your divine blueprint.