It's Time To Unapologetically Sell with Ease

Selling with Confidence Daily

per month
🎯 Focused monthly training to help grow your sales
🎯 Access to private Facebook
🎯 Group fortnightly office hours where you get 15 minutes of coaching each (delivered via zoom)
🎯 Go live & sell daily accountability prompts

Up Your Tech Thursdays - Purpose, Process & Productivity

Let's go deeper with the tech I shared and make sure you have implemented it into your business with ease

Sales Training 4U

Does this sound like you:

Giving away too much on your calls, so they say no?
Funnels not your thing?
Email sequences bore you to death?

Do your current​ sales number suck big time?
Would you like a lot less busy and a lot more sales?
Do you often feel like jacking it all the fuck in when people say no to your offers?
Then it is time to stop pissing your life away, it's time to stop doing tasks that don't give you the return on investment and it's time to start making some fucking money!

Grab Your 2 Hour Intensive Sessions To Up-level Your Sales

What do I get?

Well...it's called Sales Training 4U. So you will be trained/mentored (not coached) on some of the technical abilities that you need to succeeed in sales. Whether that is mapping out a sales funnel, overcoming objections, email sequences, bots, it's your time to up your game!

Why is it only 2 Hour Strategy Session?

Why not? Committing to 2 hours shows how confident I am in my ability to help you, plus really tells me how serious you are about resolving the sales issues in your business.

If you're willing to truly focus and invest in the 2 hours together than each session will delve deep to uncover what YOU need. I will impart my 20 years of knowledge, listen to what YOU need help with. If you want further help to in acquiring more sales then we will discuss that on the call, but there is no obligation, sound good?

The Confident Speaker

Where practice with the right feedback makes you THAT confident speaker

Do you find yourself worrying about whether people will listen to you? Perhaps you want to show up as you, but when you speak to an audience you become someone completely different? Maybe you just want to be more confident on camera...

Let me introduce you to The Confident Speaker...

With this 4 part video course I will show you how to become that confident speaker by teaching you via live video, real training & boomtastic coaching to build authority and grow your confidence.

Learn how to overcome people judging you. Grab the 3 powerful questions you should be asking yourself, so you never run out content for your speeches. Plus access other bonus materials like how to increase views, only available via this course. Enrol now for lifetime access & your coaching session!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started - Overcoming fear, getting the right equipment

🎯 What if people judge me? [how to overcome that]
• What confidence really is...plus 7 Pillars of Confidence [Infographic]
• 3 Fearless Speaking Tips [Video & PDF] & 4 more if you want it
• What equipment do I need [Very short List] ?
🎯 Day 1 - How to harness the power of speed
The power of speed & how to go live [Video]
🎯 Pace yourself [FB live stream] (4:53)
Your Instructions - In black & white for day 1
🎯 Day 2 - A way to capture your audiences attention
• Commanding a room [FB Live stream] (6:06)
• Your instructions in black & white day 2
🎯 Day 3 - Grab the 5 components of an impactful speech
• The components of an impactful speech [FB Live stream] (13:30)
• Your Instructions - In black & white for day 3
🎯- Bring it all together with this specific Live task
• Bringing it all together and creating your first speech [FB Live stream] (4:01)
• Your Instructions - In black & white day 4

🎯 Bonus - Tips to get you Unstuck when Going Live
3 Questions to ask yourself to to access an overflow of content ideas for FB lives
How to make 3 additional pieces of content with one FB Live [repurpose]
28 Content Ideas to help you overcome content blocks
3 ways to get more views on your FB Lives [Quick wins}
How to sell using FB Live [Without feeling scummy]