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Apprenticeship Program

Pay In Full 500 Hour Program


Deposit for Apprenticeship

This is an apprenticeship program which is a deeper type of relationship that a normal student/teacher or program enrollment. Once you sign up you are in and expected to pay the full tuition agreed upon. We do not accept drop outs no matter what the circumstance is.

In addition, should you cancel the contract in any way, you are required to pay the tuition in FULL and you are waiving all rights to the information you have learned. We do NOT give permission to share what you learned in any capacity unless you have graduated from our program. We can not with good consciousness allow you to share the work, without the sealing of the FULL transmission.

Thank you for honoring this level of commitment.

Pay In Full 250 Hour Program


Masters Program

Masters Ceremonial Training Deposit


Remote Sessions

Remote Sessions Package

This package includes 3 x 1:1 Remote Sessions with Naomi Love