"Better Balance on Your Feet" Video Series - Introductory price

5 Days, 5 Steps to Better Balance, Stability, and Confidence

Introductory price - now until April 14th!

Are you falling, tripping, or afraid of the floor in general?
Increase Your Stability and Connection to the Ground in this 5 Days to Better Balance on Your Feet video series.

During this fun series you will:
– Improve your balance and increase your stability
– Experience the importance of your feet for balance
– Discover the secret of being safe on any surface
– Learn to stand on your feet without exhaustion and pain
– Feel how your feet can influence back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain

All in less than 15 minutes a day.

What participants are saying:

“I have so enjoyed this challenge. I have become much more aware of my feet and their interaction with the rest of my body in keeping me balanced. I know these exercises are some that I can continue to do to increase balance and awareness.” - Tippie Koenig

“I've found the Challenge to be so very helpful to my feet being more alive, stable, and balanced.” - Maggie Miles

“Wow! Thank you, Beth. I am really enjoying sharing these explorations with everyone.”
- Kim Deegan